Aaron Monks - CEO
A highly motivated and results driven media and marketing professional intent on exceeding client’s expectations with his entrepreneurial approach to business. Aaron believes the best results come from the strategic combination of different media. Years of buying and selling media has made Aaron an excellent negotiator, which is at the core of what 360DMG do for clients.

Aaron Monks

CEO and Founder

Paul Dunn - Head of New Business
Paul brings strong business acumen to his role through his prior roles in finance, mortgage broking, and real estate. As the former CEO of South Sydney Rabbitohs and a current board member of the Bulldogs NRL Club, Pauls diverse sector experience is integral in pushing 360DMG for quantifiable results for its clients. As a co-owner, Paul enjoys the pace and agility of an Australian independent agency committed to continuous growth.

Paul Dunn


Angela Allen - General Manager
Angela brings over 25 years of media experience and her commitment to campaign results that grow clients’ businesses. She ensures a positive and memorable agency experience for everyone, keeping 360DMG evolving as a great team to work with and a great place to work. Angela thrives in the entrepreneurial environment of 360DMG which encourages everyone to look at new ways of doing things while respecting the client’s dollars as if it were their own.

Angela Allen

General Manager

Christine Murphy - Media Director
With over 30 years of media experience across all major categories, Christine’s maximises client’s advertising investment and delivers unparalleled results. She loves the agility and energy that comes with an independent agency. She is proud that 360DMG can provide focus and care with dedicate senior management providing all clients with their exceptional knowledge and service while astutely and strategically allocating a clients’ media investment.

Christine Murphy

Media Director

Beau Crellin - Account Manager

Beau thrives on diving into the numbers and data to find solutions to his client’s issues. Achieving the business objectives and keeping a client’s tills ticking over are motivating factors. This strong business focus and his determination to address every point in the client brief sees Beau manage some of 360DMG’s largest clients.

Beau Crellin

Account Director


Michaela brings her passion for building long lasting client relationships based on an understanding that their business is always treated like her own. She loves the fast-paced entrepreneurial environment of independent media agencies where no two days are the same. She always tries to understand the customer mindset to inform her campaigns. With her film background she has a keen eye for branding and is fascinated by creating story brands that are all about getting consumer’s attention by solving their daily life problems and making them feel amazing about using the product/service. The ever changing media landscape keeps her on her toes when coming up with innovative campaign ideas that make the client’s brand stand out from the crowd.

Michaela Fulop

Account Manager


Dom believes in challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box, which has led him through some divergent career experiences. At every point he takes pride in helping clients stand out from the competition by demonstrating their clear and compelling advantage. Dom does this time and time again by deeply understanding the clients business and brand, keeping up-to-date on consumer insights and always being on the lookout for innovative ideas. He is passionate about contributing towards the future of the media industry with simple and effective media strategies that align the ultimate business goal while elevating the brand to the next level.

Dominic Gouw

Account Manager


Mark has been in advertising for over 25 years working on some of Australia’s largest and well known brands across the retail, automotive and government categories. He is continually learning about the always changing media landscape and how the latest innovations can be applied to all campaigns. His desire to establish strong working relationships drives him to have a great understanding of a client’s business and challenges. He enjoys how an independent agency provides exceptional service and innovative thinking from everyone involved. Mark is also sports obsessed and is based in Melbourne, which is the self proclaimed sporting capital of the world!

Mark West

Melbourne Account Manager