Case Studies
About This Project

IPO Wealth provides attractive investment options ranging from 3-60 month terms. The target consumer is quite specific, defined as the high net worth investor.
There were a number of objectives to address:
• Increase leads to IPO Wealth whilst explaining the benefits of investing
• Ensure IPO Wealth’s activity was within ASIC guidelines
With a tightly defined target consumer, it was critical the right message, was placed in the right media and that the broader finance consumer did not mistake IPO Wealth as just another banking product.

360DMG undertook research to identify the media consumption habits of high net worth individuals. This research revealed that IPO Wealth’s key target was a heavy consumer of select radio networks and print media.
The initial campaign focused on radio advertisements through select radio networks, as per the research. Then print media was introduced to run in tandem with the radio advertising.
As two of the most commonly trusted mediums, the rationale behind this strategy was that print advertising would build awareness and inform a potential new lead about the product, then radio would serve to reinforce this product message.

IPO Wealth experienced an immediate 30% uplift in the number of leads received per week. Feedback from these leads mentioned that they initially responded after seeing a newspaper advertisement, but had also heard IPO Wealth on radio, which reinforced the message, as per the intended strategy of the 360DMG media campaign.

“When we began working with 360DMG, one of the first pieces of work they put together for us was a report, to outline which media our target demographic predominantly consumes. Following on from this, they were able to assist with the selection of each media, to ensure that our advertising was served directly to our target demographic. The results speak for themselves – and have remained consistent in delivering lead-flow to IPO Wealth.
360DMG are continually in touch with us, to ensure that we are satisfied and make sure that the media selection we have decided on is consistently delivering results. They are quick to turn work around for us and treat us as though they are an extension of our own marketing team. We would happily recommend 360DMG to anyone looking to make an impact through their media investment.”
IPO Wealth