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About This Project

Challenge                                                                    Serving up a delicious range of iced teas, Chatime is one of Australia's favourite and most innovative tea specialists. With over 95 T-Breweries in Australia and over 1000 stores globally, Chatime is the fastest growing iced tea franchise in Australia. Having only recently partnered with 360DMG, the objective was to promote Chatime's 'Free Hot Tea Day Giveaway' to drive overall brand awareness, awareness of hot teas and year-on-year like-for-like sales. 

Response                                                                         The campaign was spearheaded by very ‘cheeky’ creative ‘Blow Me - I’m a Hot Tea’ ensuring strong cut-through. Media utilised was a combination of outdoor, transit and radio. Outdoor and transit media was used to build mass brand awareness with consumers. Radio leveraged a strong call to action message to drive people into store to get their free Hot Tea and to ultimately drive sales. 360DMG strategically planned the best placement for all advertisements to maximise the impact of the creative and aggressively negotiated rates to achieve maximum value and return for the budget provided by the client.  

Results                                                                               All targets were exceeded with considerable growth in like-for-like sales. A staggering 20% growth was achieved nationally, with NSW up over 30%.

Testimonial                                                                   “After working with 360DMG in my previous roles, I knew I could count on them to deliver results for Chatime. They were easy to deal with, knew exactly what we needed and turned this campaign around within such a tight deadline. From the get-go, the team understood our brand and did everything they possibly could to secure the best media deals for us. We never thought we’d be able to do such a widespread campaign that was within our budget but 360DMG made it possible. And our business partners have never been happier! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with 360DMG and we look forward to working on many more campaigns in the near future.”