media-strategy-iconThe secret behind our clients’ successes is the thinking and planning behind their campaigns. Our clients are central to everything we do and we are passionate about achieving positive outcomes for each and every campaign. Throughout the whole process we work closely with the client to ensure the budget investment is implemented in the best way to achieve the agreed campaign objectives as well as overall business objectives.

We have a staged process, which provides a clear pathway and a holistic approach as to how we go to market and bring campaigns to life.

The campaign starts with extensive research into understanding the market and knowing as much as possible about the consumer and the category / sector. We commence with a media and competitive audit of the category. By undertaking this we know what consumers will respond to, what media they consume and what message to use to get their attention and action.

Category and market analysis with market mapping then takes place to create the optimum mix of media to communicate with the target market and compel them to take action. From there we develop and negotiate the best possible media solution with our extensive media partners to get clients as much exposure as possible for the allocated budget.

The final step in our process is to monitor, evaluate and report on delivery around the media investment. We measure success based on results versus both media and business objectives and review the return on investment achieved.