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What a boutique agency does that a big agency doesn’t (or won’t!)

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Dec 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM

As a boutique agency, we're always on the look out for relevant content that related to our business. Emma Triggs sums this up perfectly in an article she posted to LinkedIn earlier today. You can take a look at this article here


Once upon a time big agencies were the Holy Grail for advertisers and it was something of a business status symbol to be on their client list. They gave bigger, better service and ruled all media. Not anymore. So if you’re currently tossing up between big and boutique, here are a few things to think about.


Big agencies give you their small fish

Big agencies bring in the big guns when they are pitching. But once the contract is signed, the senior team seems to disappear and you are left with mid-weight and junior executives; people who don’t have the experience that you signed up for and need on your account.


Boutique agencies give you their whole pond

The talent pool is transparent and the same people – owners and partners - work on your business every day.


Big agencies favour the financed

Understandable; big clients with million-plus budgets naturally receive favouritism, especially when times are tough. But where does that leave you if your budget can’t compete?


Boutique agencies favour no one

Every client is important in a boutique agency; every budget respected and treated with the same dedication. Why? Because every dollar counts and repeat business is a priority. 


Big agencies can’t specialise

You never see a big agency with all the big banks or all the big beer brands; they have to spread the net wide to remain big. So they specialise in being non-specific. Which means they are, as a rule, dabblers in all categories, masters of none. For example, one minute your agency’s account team is trying to drive sales of a new toothpaste in the market, the next they’re trying to engage passionate entertainment fans in an authentic way - it just doesn't work. Successful entertainment campaigns can't be born from patchy insights and lightweight knowledge.


Boutique agencies can own an industry

Industries such as entertainment have unique needs and lend themselves to specialist attention by specialist agencies. That’s why you find such industries flocking to a single insightful boutique where all of their intricacies can be understood from day one.  


Big agencies book you in

A tour has just sold out and added further shows. A film has just won an Oscar. Your entertainment campaign needs an urgent change and you need an instant response to stay ahead of the competition. You call the big agency and are told: “I’m sorry; she’s in meetings until this time next century.”


Boutique agencies fit you in

Boutique agencies aren’t barricaded off by an impenetrable wall of meetings. People are accessible, proactive and reactive, 24/7. They make it happen.


Big agencies give you pigeon holes

The bigger an agency gets, the more it has to run like a government department to keep track of itself. Often they have inflexible global marketing deals in place and a one-size-fits-all approach to media, not to mention clunky procedures and protocols that tie all your marketing arms in sticky red tape.


Boutique agencies give you free range 

With no cumbersome hierarchy or multinational mumbo jumbo, things just get done. Boutiques are independent and strategically agile, which leads to a refreshingly entrepreneurial approach and the ability to leap at any promising innovation before anyone else does. 


Big agencies give you big bills

It pretty obvious; big agencies have big overheads. If big shop prestige is still important to you, you’ll be happy to pay considerably more than you need to. If not...


Boutique agencies give you boutique bills

Enough said.


Author: Emma Triggs