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Posted by Ellie Beryl on Jul 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Retail Centre Advertising has fast become a hugely advantageous way for brands to find powerful ways of targeting consumers at a time when their mindset is comfortable, more susceptible to influence and who already have their wallets at the ready.

Creating high awareness in proximity of fashion, food, leisure and entertainment acts as a path-to-purchase by driving reach, engagement, influence and subsequently conversions in nearby retail outlets.   

By strategically marketing throughout centres, advertisers can deliver to an already captive audience through several different platforms, each designed to challenge the traditional conventions of advertising within the retail space.  

Shopping centres have become more about experience as opposed to just need and necessity.  Think dining out, cinema, live performances, fashion shows - they have become the ‘one stop shop’ for leisure and entertainment, not just for retail needs.



Superscreens – big, bright, bold with full motion video, sound, interactivity, augmented reality and live broadcast capabilities, these in-your-face screens are designed to make a high impact and create awareness on the shopper journey.

Smartscreens – smaller than a Superscreen, these screens are placed at targeted proximity, e.g. by escalators, elevators, in order to influence the shopper journey and create meaningful connections with high reach and frequency. 

Atrium/Supersite Banners – used to catch the consumer’s eye as they take their journey through the centre, assets are suspended from the ceiling creating high impact. These dominate by capturing attention from the ground to the rooftop.

Entry Gateway – placing ads at the entrance to centres can interrupt the shopper journey and influence the customer’s next step.

Dining – advertising through wraps on tables and walls in the dining vicinity creates cut through during dwell time and can encourage interaction with ads. 

Decals (Floors, Doors, Escalators) – this particular medium is versatile, eye catching and creates brand awareness.  Placement of decals outside of a store promoting a specific product acts as the last reminder for the consumer before stepping in store. 



Consumers love to see their favourite brands doing something different. Pop-up marketing creates priceless brand reinforcement and the opportunity to invite consumers to interact directly with their favourite brands.

Magnum is a great example of excellent experiential marketing.  They set up a Magnum Pleasure Pop-up Store in Sydney Westfield’s where consumers could create their own ice cream and indulge in their very own creation, enhancing the consumer experience and making them part of the experience and a part of the brand.



Much like Pop-Up Marketing, Experiential Marketing acknowledges that consumers love to try and experience a product before buying it.  This type of advertising stimulates the senses of the consumer and invites them to experience a brand through physical interaction.  Brands can either retail directly from the location, drive shoppers to outlets within the centre or simply to promote brand awareness.



The media are investing heavily in digital networks because digital creates the impression of a quality brand and is more versatile for advertisers. 

It’s transformed the way we operate, allowing advertisers to use more than one creative in their campaign, quicker, cheaper production and upload process and results in audio-visual exposure in a more eye-catching, advanced format to a mass audience.


According to a study conducted by Val Morgan:

80% agree DOOH makes the brand seem more innovative and up to date

81% agree DOOH suggests the brand is a market leader

80% agree advertising on DOOH creates the impression of a quality brand


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