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Posted by Mikaela Dunn on Jun 13, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Billboards! Bus Shelters! Billboards and Bus Shelters everywhere! For everyone!

Outdoor or Out of Home advertising seems to have become so common that you can’t go anywhere without seeing it. Think about how many times a day you see a billboard, or a bus shelter?

Roadside advertising is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. Here are a few of the biggest roadside formats that brands can use to gain audiences’ attention:



When it comes to outdoor, most people think of billboards. Go big or go home! Large format billboards are one of the most noticeable and eye catching formats around. Billboards can range in size and shape but they are all attention grabbing if done right. Strategic billboard buys and placement can ensure an “always on” approach is achieved, with a static billboard being in place 24/7 for a lunar cycle (4 weeks). As with any form of advertising it is important to keep in mind the format when you are creating the content; roadside billboards need to be clean and simple with an eye catching factor. With thousands of billboards located across Australia, and more people spending time out of home, this format allows you to reach mass audiences in targeted areas, and have a high frequency with that audience.


Digital Billboards

While billboards have been around for a long time, the newest innovation in Billboard advertising is Digital Billboards. Digital Billboards are one of the fastest growing advertising sectors around the world. Using the newest technology, Digital Billboards are computer controlled LED displays that can be updated with the click of a button – crystal clear image with vibrant colours. Digital Billboard advertising allows for multiple messages to be rotated through the feed. Most roadside digital billboards are static – rotating through multiple advertisers in a set rotation, however digital billboards that are in areas only seen by foot traffic allow for video content to be displayed.

Another factor to consider is production: static billboard advertising incurs production cost for the skin (or print) that will be applied to the Billboard; Digital Billboards have the benefit of no print production costs which allow for quicker lead in times and as well as the flexibility to change your message daily, weekly or monthly. In Australia, Digital Billboards are currently in high-profile and high traffic areas and are continuing to grow across the nation.


Bus Shelters

Bus Shelters are everywhere – conveniently placed at eye level to reach the maximum amount of people on foot and in cars. Bus shelter advertising is a tried and tested roadside advertising solution that delivers reach and frequency through numerous panels. While bus shelters may be everywhere, one of the best things about this form of advertising is that you can geo-target specific locations – allowing you to target social spaces, retail centres, business districts or specific neighbourhoods. When these are placed in close proximity to each other it allows for creative messaging with a single brand.



New innovations have also been brought to the bus shelter advertising format.

  • Panorama wraps completely immerse people into a brand, with the limits to this format being only your imagination. 
  • Wi-Fi capability is also an opportunity that can be used with bus shelter advertising and panorama wraps. This can increase drive of consumers to a website as well as increase consumer brand interaction.
  • Similarly to digital billboards, digital bus shelters allow roll-through of multiple advertisers (usually a maximum of 6) on the same panel. This format makes it easier change messages or have multiple messages displayed.


While not all roadside advertising was created equal, they definitely all have their benefits and nuances that will be valuable to different brands and campaigns:

  • Large format – solus placement, brand awareness and frequency
  • Digital billboards – awareness and the WOW factor – be creative with the message and execution
  • Bus shelters – brand awareness, creative storytelling in the multi formats with reach and frequency. 


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