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Photo vs video: Which should you be using for your Instagram advertising?

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Apr 29, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Being a visual platform, it is important to create meaningful and interesting photos and videos for your Instagram profile in order to create successful campaigns. Whether you choose to just use photos, videos or both, it is important to make sure you are adhering to your content strategy and following a key objective.



Photos are the simplest form of advertising on Instagram. If done correctly, they can depict a single product, event etc. which is easy on the eye and easy for the Instagram user to depict what the photo is all about.


Key photo takeaways:

  • Always use natural light for your photographs
  • Keep it simple. Think about background, lighting, props and so on but be careful not to overcomplicate or under complicate your photo
  • Take the photo with your phone camera not the Instagram app camera
  • Use different angles to get the best shot



Videos require a bit more planning than photos. Whilst both photos and videos need to be well-crafted, videos are a slightly harder medium to master and you should think about how you are going to video your subject before commencing.


Key video takeaways:

  • Videos can only be 30 seconds or less so make the time count and only show the most relevant vision
  • Use a tripod to keep your vision steady and looking professional
  • Don’t forget the caption! Sure visuals should tell the story but it’s still important to include a short caption as well as 3-4 relevant hashtags
  • Use a video editing app to make your videos extra special



Both photo and video

Using both photo and video content for your Instagram profile will give you a strong advantage over competitors who may only be using one medium. Mix it up between the two, some content will look better by just using a still image and other content is best shown in a video. Carousel ads (a reel of different images) is also a great way to use multiple images to talk about the one subject.

The best way to keep track of which content is working best for your audience is to measure and analyse your data. This will allow you to see which format works best as well as best time/day to post, what subject matter works best and so on.

A few ways you can use photo and video for your business:

  • Shoot a product demo and answer users questions in real-time
  • Create a visual look-book of your work
  • Give users a personal look at upcoming events (e.g. sales, promotions, new staff members)
  • Invite users to enter contests or create their own video content for a competition
  • Humanise your business by putting a face to the company name


If you’re unsure which method you should be using for your Instagram profile or are wanting to analyse your Instagram posts, Click Here and someone from 360DMG will contact you. We’ll talk you through the best processes for having a successful Instagram account and can even manage your social media accounts for you.

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