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Posted by Scott Bowley on Jun 20, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Outdoor advertising, from large format billboards to branded scooters, demands attention because it has a high level of impact. Outdoor advertising is effective at reaching a mass audience, whilst cutting through to reach hard to find consumers, like young people or busy professionals.

The list of advantages for outdoor advertising goes on, but it truly comes into its own when it is used effectively with other media.


Outdoor and Print

Many people say that print is dead, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when you combine it with impactful outdoor advertising. These two mediums are effective when combined because they reinforce a message in two different environments. Outdoor is effective at reinforcing a branded message before and after a consumer is exposed to print advertising, which often drives home specials or sales.

A campaign for Supabarn, which is a supermarket chain located in Sydney and Canberra, utilised this approach in advertising their store in Sans Souci, Sydney. A local newspaper was employed to advertise weekly specials. Whilst outdoor advertising, in the form of branded scooter’s, bus shelter advertising and railway billboards was employed to generate brand awareness and increase foot traffic. This was an effective approach a tailored message was created to ensure best results in each media environment – print highlighted retail offer and outdoor promoted brand.



Outdoor and TV

Outdoor and TV work extremely well together. Television acts as the primary medium that drives awareness, and then outdoor reinforces the message. The combination of these two mediums allows to reach the target audience on their way to work and again once they are relaxing in front of the TV.


Outdoor and Digital

No other medium has had such an impact on the media landscape in recent times like digital. Outdoor and digital work exceptionally well together – the large broadcast reach that outdoor offers can drive consumers online. This can in turn create a path to purchase, which is often a sought after result.   

A campaign for Ugly Pizza, a pizza restaurant in the South of Sydney, utilised both outdoor and digital advertising during their venue opening. Outdoor, in the form of railway billboards and bus shelter advertising, was used to create awareness and hype before the venue opening. Digital, in the form of Facebook, Instagram and Google Search Advertising, was used to engage consumers and increase website traffic.


Digital advertising can capitalise on the awareness that outdoor advertising generates – it creates a path to purchase with consumers searching online for Ugly Pizza after being exposed to outdoor advertisements. 

With digital outdoor we can take this even further. Outdoor as an increasing audience of 3.7% per year. Mobile phone consumption is at 86% of people owning a smart phone that they use multiple times each day. Connect these two formats and the message can be amplified and gain the benefits from the immediacy that these mediums can provide.


Outdoor and Radio

Outdoor and radio go hand and hand. They are both high frequency mediums and together they act as frequency drivers. The visual aspect of outdoor works well with the rich content audio that can be provided through radio advertising, creating a dynamic relationship.


Outdoor and the Marketing Mix

Overall outdoor advertising can increase the reach and impact of a campaign when employed within a media plan. Outdoor is a true team player within the media mix. We can create a truly cut-through campaign.

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