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Posted by Lauren Jolly on Jun 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Name: Mikaela Dunn  

Title: Media Planner/Buyer   

360 Nickname: Clever One  


Three words that other people would use to describe me

Loyal, determined and bossy


Which client at 360DMG would you most like to work with

I've been lucky to work across some of our biggest brands (THE ICONIC, Adrenalin, Sumo Salad, Gloria Jeans) - probably next I want to work on is Watches of Switzerland. 


What is the strangest job you’ve ever had

I worked at Build-A-Bear where I made stuffed animals and ran parties for little kids. 


What is your favourite TV show currently on Australian TV

I loved Love Child while that was on - can’t wait for Jessica Marais’s new show on channel 10


What is your 360DMG claim to fame

I helped work on THE ICONIC billboard on the silos!


If you could own a restaurant what would it be

It would have to be a fusion place - awesome breakfast cafe and then an Asian place for dinner, probably Thai and Chinese mix. 


What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on at 360DMG?

THE ICONIC sports campaign


What is your favourite Youtube video/clip?

Currently - Obama's last White House Correspondent Dinner speech 



What is your unique talent / personal trait that you bring to 360DMG?

Retaining information wayyy after I need it and bringing it up at random moments. 


Best piece of advice you have given

Smile & Nod


Best piece of advice you have received

Do one thing at a time, do it right and finish it


What music would you like played in the office?

Country music


What is your passion?

Beach or Snow

Cats or Dogs

Radio or Outdoor

Sweet or Savoury


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