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Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 10, 2016 2:36:48 PM

Despite the talk of the demise of newspapers, the medium is surprisingly doing well – reinventing itself to keep up with today’s media landscape. Publications are now adapting to the digital age and investing more time and money into producing shareable content for their online platforms. Whilst some publications are facing a decline in circulation numbers, others are seeing substantial readership and audience growth as their audience shifts online and consumes both traditional and digital formats.

In 2015, major publications such as the West Australian and the Daily Telegraph increased their audience 0.9% and 0.5% respectively. Those that excelled in their digital platforms included publications such as the Mercury (up 44.8%), the Financial Review (up 33.4%), and the Sunday Times (up 28.2%). Taking into consideration these statistics, it is clear to see some papers are adapting to the digital age and experiencing a positive shift in their audience.


Furthermore, several publications grew both their online and offline audiences, proving that traditional publications can still gain success and maintain their audiences by keeping up with the industry.  Publications that have seen growth in both print and online formats include:

- The Daily Telegraph (2.2% across both platforms)

- The Financial Review (13.9% across both platforms)

- The Mercury (20.7% across both platforms)

- The Newcastle Herald (1% across both platforms)

- The Australian (0.1% across both platforms)

- The Sunday Times (5.4% across both platforms).


Advertisements in newspapers are still considered the most trustworthy of all advertising mediums, with 58% completely or somewhat trusting in them. Australians still turn to newspapers for their consumption of information each day – in particular, the news. This is important to consider when choosing which media to advertise with as your advertisement will be displayed in a medium where there is a predisposition by the reader of thecontent being trustworthy. 




With community newspapers, 56% of readers will read seven or more newspapers in any given week therefore showing that it is still an important focus for audiences wanting to receive up-to-date, region-specific news in different communities across Australia. 

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