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Instagram advertising for business: which ad type should you be using?

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

From hospitality to retail to service providers and more, lots of businesses are seeing great success from Instagram Advertising. With companies all around the world being able to use Instagram advertising campaigns, it’s a great platform for businesses from any industry to get on board and start reaching more of the their target market.


Here are some key businesses success stories:

  • McDonalds saw a 46 point lift in recall to connect through meaningful moments and building brand love
  • Porsche ‘Slick Boxster’ videos drive 41 point lift in ad recall
  • Snail Games saw a 339% lift in installs with Instagram videos
  • Holden’s cinemagraphs drive 8 point life in brand favourability among 35 to 44 year olds
  • Myer saw a 13 point lift in awareness of the new season fashion campaign
  • The Iconic’s Facebook and Instagram campaign lead to 23% uplift in conversions for the online retailer
  • Qantas saw a 30 point lift in ad recall to reach millennials with emotional sentiment


In terms of the type of businesses having success, a wide range of companies within varied industries have had success. From retail to hospitality to sport to entertainment and more, Instagram is a great platform to visually showcase what your company is all about. Therefore, it is not important to be within a certain industry but rather to focus on the content that you will create, post and promote using your Instagram page.



Photos are the most simple ad format available through Instagram advertising. They are clean, concise and easily display your offering to the user. Photos are also easily customisable through filters and effects which allow you to take your photo to the next level and stand out from the crowd.



Video is a newer format than photo and allows you to display moving content on the platform. Video has a great engagement rate and allows companies to display more about their brand with the ability to upload up to 30 seconds worth of video content. Video is however a slightly harder medium to shoot using an amateur recording device however filters and effects can also be used for video which will increase the appeal of your content.



Carousel allows you to display multiple ads within the one post, almost like a reel or slideshow. By having multiple images on the carousel, you are able to showcase multiple facets of the one subject. For example, a restaurant may showcase four different images of meals you can order throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert) to not only entice people to visit their restaurant but show that they are open throughout the day.


When deciding which ad type you will use, it’s important to try out different formats to see what works for your business. Using trial and error, you can measure engagement with your content as well as which format/s have the highest click-through rates on so on. When testing different formats, it’s a good idea analyse the performance of each ad type against your objectives. This will also give you a basis for future advertising.


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