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Posted by Mike Delaney on Jun 3, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Bus advertising can be confusing. There’s all kinds of shapes, sizes and formats that work or fail depending on what kind of creative messaging you use.

Not sure what to brief your designers for your new transit campaign? Let us guide you on journey through a range of bus advertising formats and creative tips that will maximise your branded bus messaging.




The Full Bus Wrap

The Full Bus Wrap is the largest ad format you can get for a city bus. With full advertising coverage down each side and also the rear, this high-impact format is all about brand dominance, eye-level street ownership, and brand elevation.

360 Creative Tips: Keep any copy short and sharp, and don’t be afraid to go for grand visuals with highly colourful artwork to really generate cut-through in busy environment. Create the artwork to the bus landscape. Consider where the images are and eyelines.


Full Back

Another highly impactful and engaging brand format, the Full Back bus advert capitalises on long motorist and pedestrian dwell times in and around an often traffic-heavy city.

360 Creative Tips: There’s little space to play with for text-heavy creative, so keep to high-impact branded visuals and simple messaging. Be aware that creative must work around bus safety messaging. This can vary in location on each bus type.


The Megaside

The last in the high-impact, brand building formats we’ll be covering, the Megaside format is essentially a large static billboard on wheels. It’s a popular choice for many of our clients and can occasionally be snatched up at a heavily discounted rates shortly before a transit campaign start-date (minimum quantities apply).

360 Creative Tips: Treat the space as a good old-fashioned billboard with a visually compelling focus and clear text that spells out the brand or brand message without any fuss. Consider use of colour as images cross over translucent material for the windows and will have lighting behind them.




Portrait Back

Away from the blockbuster set-pieces of high-impact bus advertising lies the cost-effective and humble Portrait Back. The Portrait Back provides affordable CBD and suburb-based exposure to motorists, and can be used independently or as an extension of a multi-layered transit campaign.   

360 Creative Tips: Smaller in size but not in scope, the Portrait Side allows brands to capitalise on dwell times and push specific products and call-to-actions to motorists. Our client Sumo Salad used Portrait Backs very effectively by showcasing one of four different new drink flavours on each bus as part of a multimedia marketing campaign.


Portrait Sides

Sitting in a different environment to the Portrait Backs, Portrait Sides are a great alternative to standard street furniture formats like bus panels and road-side formats. Providing cost-effective reach and frequency in market, Portrait sides are typically used to keep retailers top-of-mind throughout a client’s path to purchase.

360 Creative Tips: Simple visuals, simple products and a strong informative call-to-action would be the best way to maximise this ad format.


The final broadcast format in this journey, the Twin 8 provides eye-level exposure to pedestrian foot-traffic and frequent commuters typically across business and shopping districts.



360 Creative Tips: The unusual split-style format presents an opportunity for copy rich question/answer, repeated-sequence and multiple-sequencing messaging that can impact nearby pedestrians and provide creative cut-through.

Remember to think outside the bus for your next campaign! Contact 360DMG today to find the best transit package for your next campaign.

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