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Posted by Dominic Gouw on Jun 27, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Outdoor advertising can be considered one of the oldest forms of marketing. We are continuously coming up with innovative ideas to create an entertaining and engaging marketing medium. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the world of cross track advertising. Looking at the two main format types of cross track advertising and the benefits of implicating this medium into your marketing strategy. From digital and static solutions to station dominations, advertising within rail environments can deliver a highly impactful and unmissable advertising experience for commuters. 69% of commuters claim that they pay more attention to advertising in the rail environment than anywhere else.


There are two format types of cross track advertising in railway stations across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. They are cross track panels/ billboards and XtrackTV. XtrackTV, the latest evolution in rail platform advertising and currently the only large format, cross- platforms Digital screen network in Australia. These are currently exclusive to APN Outdoor.


Cross Track Panels/ Billboards

  • Description: Static panels – no animations
  • Location: Along side the railway platforms nationally
  • Posting period: 4 weeks + (Lunar cycles)
  • Share of Voice: 100% - 1 client per posting period
  • Creative execution ideas: Increasing brand awareness through multiple Panels (Foodora “SupperTime”)




  • Description: The latest LED technology accompanied with high definition, full motion and audio capabilities.
  • Location: Key CBD stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide
  • Posting period: From 1 week to 12 months
  • Share of Voice: 2.5 minute loop – 6x 15secs faces (6 clients per rotations). Includes 1min content inclusion – Sky News

Creative execution ideas: Quick and easy creative changes during the posting period to give the brand a story/ difference


It is reported that there are over 11.2 million train journeys taking place from Monday to Friday each week. With train commuters being the number 1 most used public transport, it is not surprising that cross track advertising is a strong consideration in promoting brands. XtrackTV provides advertisers with the ability to extend their TV/ Cinema and Online campaigns by playing TVC formats directly on the rail platform. Taking mass media to the consumers. XtrackTV delivers a captive audience with high dwell times, looking for the perfect distraction while they wait.

Here is an example of an Xtrack TV advertisement we organised for THE ICONIC. 


Benefits of using cross track advertising:

  • Entertain and inspire a captive commuter audience throughout their journey
  • High dwell time with train commuters spending up to 12 minutes on average waiting on the platform per trip
  • High impact medium with 69% of train commuters claiming that they pay more attention to advertising in the rail environment than anywhere else.
  • High engagement medium – that demonstrates an incremental impact in advertiser brand preference of +9% when platform dwell time is over 3 minutes – demonstrating the power of the rail environment to not only drive reach, frequency, impact and visibility and drive sales outcomes. (Sources: Neuroscience Commuter Study, Hoop; Nielsen CMV 2015)


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