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Beauty HQ: How 360DMG helped the company run their marketing campaign

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 28, 2016 11:00:00 AM

In 2015, 360DMG had the opportunity to conduct a marketing campaign for Beauty HQ, an up and coming beauty supplies website. Being in a highly competitive market, Beauty HQ was faced with the issue of creating awareness of their website and encouraging consumers to shop rather than using well-known sites such as Priceline or department stores for their cosmetics.


With a strong female target audience, 360DMG sat down with the Beauty HQ team to discuss their goals and expectations for the campaign. Beauty HQ outlined four main objectives that they wanted to achieve:

  • Increasing clicks to their website
  • Increasing sales on their website
  • Increasing Facebook and Instagram engagement
  • Building trust for their website


Beauty HQ wanted to achieve the above objectives through Instagram, Facebook and Google Search advertising. Through Facebook and Instagram, ads were created to increase clicks to website as well as engagement and using Google Adwords, specific keywords were targeted in direct relation to the Beauty HQ website.

                         Mar_28b.png      Mar_28a.png

With a strong female target audience and 68% of users on Instagram being female, Instagram was a no-brainer when choosing which platforms would be best for Beauty HQ to advertise on. The strong imagery of the products the website stocks as well as key beauty influences showing the use of their products meant Instagram was a great platform for displaying what Beauty HQ is all about.


Over the course of the campaign, weekly, monthly and end-of-campaign reports were completed to provide Beauty HQ with an update on how each of their campaigns were performing. This was an important part of the process in order to provide the company with specific information on how their investment was performing as well as provide any feedback for how specific components could be optimised for better results.


360DMG was able to generate significant results for the company. The overall campaign results (Instagram, Facebook and Google Search Advertising) resulted in:

  • Reaching a total of 184, 416 people from their target audience
  • 4,293 clicks directly from the advertisements to the Beauty HQ website
  • A large number of sales as a direct result of marketing efforts
  • Increased awareness, engagement and trust amongst consumer.


Specific Instagram-based campaign results included:

  • 1,594 clicks to website
  • 75,406 reach


Through this campaign, 360DMG was able to provide Beauty HQ with great results, increased post engagement, sales and reach as well as build trust amongst Beauty HQ consumers. They also found that a number of customers that had purchased off the website as a result of our campaign ended up becoming repeat customers.


If you’d like to speak to a member of the 360DMG team about us creating and managing a social media campaign, Click Here and someone from 360DMG will contact you. We can:

  • Meet with you to discuss how the 360DMG team can help you get results
  • Plan your campaign and work towards the best possible solution
  • Execute and manage your campaign from start to finish
  • Provide you with weekly and monthly reports to show success/areas for improvement
  • Discuss plans for future marketing efforts

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