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An overview of the success you can gain from Instagram Advertising

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Choosing an objective for your Instagram advertising is an important factor before you undertake any Instagram advertising. Ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve from your Instagram advertising? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website in order to increase sales or you’ve got a new mobile app that you want to tell the world about? No matter what your objective is, chances are it will conform to one of the objectives outlined below.


There are eight key objectives to choose from when setting up your Instagram advertising campaign. These include clicks to website, app installs, video views and mass awareness.


Clicks to website

The objective of clicks to website is based around using your Instagram advertisements to encourage people to click on your ad and drive traffic to your website. This objective is particularly useful when trying to improve engagement on your website whether it be to increase sales, encourage people to learn about your company, download a content offering or more.


App Installs

Mobile App Installs encourage people to click-through to install your mobile app or simply click the call-to-action to install directly. By using this objective, companies with new mobile apps or existing apps that need promotion are able to increase awareness of the app as well as potentially increase their installs.


Video views

The objective of video views is all about increasing the amount of views on a particular video. In a way, it is kind of like sponsoring a particular video in order for more people to view it. Videos can be on a wide range of topics that aim to increase the awareness of a product or company.


Website conversions

Website conversions has a strong focus on encouraging people to take certain actions on your website which will in turn lead to a conversion. A conversion may be downloading a specific piece of content, purchasing a product and so on.


Mobile app engagement

 Whilst App Installs is focused on people installing an app, this objective is focused on engaging people through the app.


Reach and frequency

 This objective is based on achieving predictable reach and greater control over message frequency.

Through this objective businesses are able to monitor the reach and frequency of their Instagram advertisements


Page post engagement

 Page post engagement allows you to select particular posts and boost the post (like in Facebook) in order to increase likes on your post, comments, shares and photo views.


Mass awareness

The aim of the mass awareness objective is to deliver your ad to a broader audience with guaranteed impressions and premium placement at the top of the Instagram feed. This objective is for companies that do not want to target a particular audience but rather just have their ad seen and used by a mass audience.


Using Facebook’s self-service platform, Ads Manager, you are able to buy and place ads on Instagram. It’s as simple as choosing an objective and following the steps. The Ad Manager also allows you to measure and analyse your campaigns to ensure they are performing positively or optimise if they need adjusting.


Instagram has seen great success from its advertising platform with the following key results:

  • 97% of measured campaigns generate significant lift in ad recall
  • 85% lift in app installs
  • 10% increase in order value
  • 21% brand engagement rates


If you’re unsure which objective would work best for your business or would like some general assistance with your social media campaignClick Here and someone from360dmg will contact you

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