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A guide to the different types of Instagram Advertising and how to use each one

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 7, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Instagram offers ad solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The main thing to remember is that the content you are posting needs to be relevant and able to be displayed in a responsive fashion. For example, if a plumbing business wanted to use Instagram for its advertising, it wouldn’t look good for the company to post images of toilets they’ve fixed, however, if the company posted images of bathroom renovations they have completed it would be a more successful campaign.


Ad Formats

There are three formats available for Instagram advertising: Photo, Video and Carousel. All three formats allow you to add a caption as well as a call-to-action.


The photo format is the simplest of the three and allows you to display your image. Only one image can be posted at a time in this format which allows you to showcase a particular product or service. By using a call-to-action with this format, you are able to prompt the viewer to take a particular action towards your brand.


The video format allows you to showcase 30-second or less videos which show what your business is all about. Once again you are able to make them as visually appealing to your viewers as possible and prompt a response through a call-to-action. Videos can also be posted in landscape format.


Carousel ads display a number of images which users can swipe through. This ad format is important for businesses wanting to showcase multiple facets of the one concept. Whilst this format is the most complex of the three, you are able to add a layer of strength to your post as well as still use a call-to-action to prompt further action.


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When deciding to undertake Instagram advertising, it is important to understand the objectives you are trying to achieve. Whether you are trying to drive traffic to your website; promote content or just make people aware of your brand it is crucial that you understand what is it that you are trying to achieve. When you go to create your ads, you will have to select an objective so be prepared. The Instagram objectives available are:

Clicks to website: Clicks to website allows you to use the ads to encourage users to go to certain pages on your website

Website conversions: This object is aimed at getting people to take certain actions on your website which will lead to increased conversions

Mobile app installs: The App Installs objective prompts people to download your mobile app. Once again, through a specific call-to-action such as “Download” or “Install”, users are prompted to install the app onto their mobile device.

Mobile app engagement: This objective is similar to app installs however it is aimed at creating engagement on an app once it has already been installed.

Video views: Video views is as simple as it sounds, using Instagram to tell a story through video. As this objective is based on video that is the only format it is available in.

Reach and frequency: This objective is based on achieving predictable reach and greater control over message frequency

Page post engagement: Page post engagement allows you to boost certain posts in order to increase likes on your post, comments, shares and photo views.

Mass awareness: This objective provides you with guaranteed impressions and placement in Instagram’s top ad positions.  It allows you to gain wide awareness of your brand and be seen by a large amount of people.


If you’d like to know more about which ad format or objective is right for your business, Click Here and someone from360dmg will contact you. We can provide you with a tailored solution for your business!

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