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Australia’s Newspaper Advertising Landscape

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Feb 29, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Australia’s newspaper advertising landscape is large and diverse with a number of major and minor players contributing to the environment. News Corp, Fairfax and APN are the three key players in the newspaper world and control most of the publications seen on all levels.

This blog will take you through the different levels of the landscape including metropolitan, regional and community newspaper advertising.

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Metro newspapers are seen as providing the world view on issues as well as the gatekeeper on big picture issues. These are the large publications that you will find in newsagents, supermarkets and so on such as The Australian Financial Review, The Daily Telegraph and the list goes on. Large, state-wide or national companies are best to advertise in metropolitan newspapers as they have a higher readership so will therefore be seen by more people across different demographics and locations.

Whilst large, national companies see metropolitan newspapers as they key to success, many underestimate the power of regional and community newspapers.



From a regional perspective, newspapers dictate the local concerns of residents and inform them about issues happening in their local area. These issues would most likely not become articles in metro newspapers and therefore provide local residents with location-specific information. With over 7.8 million consumers living outside of the metro areas, regional newspapers are an important part of life in these areas and are well trusted by their readers. Whilst it’s important for national companies not to forget about regional newspapers, these papers also see a high representation from local businesses or services who are trying to get local residents to use their business.

Here are some key findings on regional newspapers:

- Readers are twice as likely to enquire about a product or service seen on a newspaper ad than they are after seeing an ad on TV or radio

- Readers are twice as likely to stand up for important local issues seen in a newspaper (71%) than on local TV (36%)



Community newspapers provoke emotion in their readers and are where people turn to for local community information, local events and so on. Community newspapers are most often filled with local business advertisements due to the content contained within the publication.

Here are some key finding on community newspapers:

- Nearly twice as practical as information provided by local TV, local radio or letterbox flyers

- More than three times as likely to visit a store or business after seeing a newspaper ad compared to an ad seen on local TV (62% vs 17%)

- More than three times more likely to consider their local area would be worse off without their local newspaper than local TV or radio (74% compared with 20% for local TV and 24% for local radio)

Whether you’re talking about metropolitan, regional or community newspapers, the biggest growth has been seen in the digital news landscape. Whilst physical newspaper sales are down around 9% across the board, digital newspapers are fusing the gap with many readers even opting to use both offline and online platforms. 

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