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Share an Experience: Adrenalin's integrated campaign

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Dec 8, 2015 10:18:00 AM

The 360 Degree Marketing Group was challenged with creating an integrated campaign for our favourite online gifting experience experts, www.Adrenalin.com.au!

At the helm of the campaign was Adrenalin’s Director Amelia Jones, who throughout November went on a mission to get people to reconnect with one another. Cue the ‘Share an Experience’ Campaign – a month long initiative that inspired people to step away from technology and reconnect face-to-face. And what better way to do it than when you’re 12,000 feet in the air, toes teetering over the edge as you’re about to experience the ultimate tandem skydiving rush!

jessica rowe

For this campaign, we partnered with Studio 10 and put the panel to the test. An initial interview was set up with Amelia Jones, setting the scene for the campaign. Each week, a member of the panel went on an Adrenalin experience of their choice. Think Jessica Rowe as the ultimate jet fighter pilot, Reporter Robbo climbing Brisbane’s Story Bridge and Jono’s heavenly experience making delicious chocolate.


By creating a strong in-program partnership with Studio 10 and supporting this with a television schedule and in-program live reads, we were able to spread Adrenalin’s message far and wide! Whether you’re serial skydiver or a chocolate-making connoisseur, Adrenalin has an experience to suit everyone! 


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