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An overview of Newspaper Advertising in Australia

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 22, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspapers are a great medium for your advertisements despite the discussion that they are declining in readership. Their readership is actually growing with many now having a digital presence, what a publication loses in print they regularly will gain back in their digital editions. Newspaper advertising can be an effective edition to your next campaign accompanied with the appropriate research.

 Here are a few quick stats to get your head around newspapers as a medium.

- A total of 15 million Australian people will read a newspaper in a month

- Newspaper media will reach 16 million Australians and around 10 million will access a newspaper digitally

- 86% of people under 30 will come into contact with newspaper media

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When placing an ad in a newspaper there is more than one option you could opt for. Depending on your needs you could choose a display ad which you could feature an ad with colour and pictures or a more straight forward ad in the classifieds section. The ads in newspapers work in modules which are smaller boxes that split up a newspaper - the more modules you buy the higher the cost.

Newspapers are considered the most trustworthy of all mediums. When people see an advertisement in a newspaper they associate the same trust with the ad and its publisher. When it comes to newspapers and their websites, they sit on top of the list of media options that are considered to have the most believable advertisements. People will also go to a newspaper as their first point of information or news which further reinforces the point of them being the most trustworthy of mediums.

Newspaper advertisements can also target specific areas with metropolitan, regional or community papers. Depending on your needs you could use either of these options. For example, you may own a single business in a specific area and are on a smaller budget. To enhance your advertising ability you could advertise in your local paper which will save money and reach an audience that is located in your area instead of spending money reaching consumers that may not use engage with the advertisement. Unlike other advertising forms, newspapers are a subtle way of reaching your audience as they are expecting advertisements to be in there. This is a bonus compared to other ads that disrupt and annoy consumers.

Newspaper advertising is an effective tool for shoppers. Shoppers consider newspapers as their main tool for when they go shopping and are more likely to act on an advertisement they see in a newspaper as they find them more engaging than other mediums. People can immerse themselves in a paper unlike other mediums such as TV where people can be distracted by their phones and social media and miss the ad altogether.

The common trend of thinking about newspapers is that it is a dying industry however some forget to realise that newspapers are also evolving by going digital. Some publications in Australia are seeing their readership drop however the same publications are gaining an audience on their digital platforms.

If you’d like to know more about newspaper advertising and start your own campaign, you could contact 360DMG and you can let the experts steer your campaign in the right direction. 

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