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10 questions to ask before using Newspaper Advertising

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 19, 2016 1:00:00 PM

To help decide whether newspaper advertising is right for your business, you should check these ten questions to see if it can help you decide if you want to persue Newspaper Advertising.

Feb 19 resized 600Is your target market reading newspapers?

Firstly, you should only be considering newspapers as a medium if you know that your audience is reading them. Newspapers can reach a great deal of people, although there are particular audiences that do not read newspapers often such as the younger demographics that are less inclined to read the newspaper. So if you have an older demographic as your market around 30 years and older, newspaper advertising may be a good medium to choose.

Where is your audience and where are you?

Your choice to use newspaper advertising could be dependent on where your audience is located. Are they dispersed throughout a wider area? If so, a metropolitan paper may be ideal for you. Or is your audience concentrated in a single area? Then a local paper may be better suited. Or if your business has just the one location, you may want to reach the people strictly in your vicinity as they may be the people who will most likely visit.

Do you want your ad to have longevity?

One of the issues with digital and TV ads is that they’re not around for long when compared to other mediums. People can now skip ads in recorded shows and click through online advertisements. Whereas print advertisements can lie around in a house or business for as long as they’re not thrown in the bin and for anyone to pick up and flick through.

Did you want a targeted advertisement?

Newspapers and print advertising can offer a targeted advertisement whether that be targeted by local community or in a particular section of the paper. If your audience is most likely to be reading the early general news section, you could easily place an ad there in your local paper to target them most efficiently.

Are you looking for a trusted medium?

If you’re looking to increase the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand, you can look towards newspapers as a medium. Newspapers are the most trusted medium of all and this trust is transferred over to your brand and advertisements.

Are you looking at reaching your audience subtly?

Many advertisements today are often pushy and in the consumers face, which often disrupts them and annoys them. Newspaper advertisements are accepted by consumers and even sought after in some case by people searching specifically for products. When it comes to the most preferred medium for shopping newspapers dominate at 59%.

Did you want to use an engaging medium?

With the growing presence of the digital environment, many consumers are caught up in more than one screen at a time. How often would you watch TV and then pick up your phone when the ad starts to scroll through your Facebook feed? I’m sure you wouldn’t notice half of the ads that were played. Newspapers are an engaging medium and often they do not compete with other mediums.

Did you want to reach numerous people?

Newspapers have a great ability to reach people and plenty of them. The total number of people in many publications readerships and circulations are quite impressive and now with newspapers having a digital presence this is multiplied.

Do you want your medium to be one that is often referred to?

Newspapers are often a person’s first preferred point of contact for news and information, people will look to a paper as it is a credible and reputable source - this is known as the halo effect. With people having newspapers as their number one choice for information and news, this would make them referred to numerous times.

Do you want a flexible medium?

Advertisements in newspapers are relatively easy to interchange. If you don’t like the ad or change your mind, then it’s easy to change the advertisement if it’s in before your deadline. This is also great for testing, you could easily find which ad works better or even if you’ve received poor feedback. If you want an ad to be replaced or altered, it is much easier to do than taking down a whole billboard for example.

Hopefully some of these questions have helped you make up your mind in your decision to take up advertising or not. If you’re still unsure about newspaper advertising, contact the team at 360DMG for more information. 

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