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Local vs Metropolitan newspaper advertising: Which one works for you?

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 4, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspapers reach a substantial 15 million Australians each month which shows that we consume an ample amount of newspaper based information. Each of these Aussies have their preferred publication and their own distinct routine to reading it. Some may read on the train or while eating breakfast or others may pick one up in a waiting room. No matter the scenario, newspapers play an important role in our lives so as a business you need to consider which paper you wish to be in when thinking of newspaper advertising.

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When it comes to metropolitan and local newspapers, there are noticeable difference and it is understandable why different people go to particular publications.  The combined metropolitan markets total 9.7 million people and were found to influence consumers in opinions as well as hold authority when it comes to certain topics including national and international matters. Metro newspapers have more of an equal spread in their age group with older demographics using print and younger people leaning towards the digital space for their news. Metropolitan papers also have a readership wider than the metro areas as well as a higher average income of $5,000 more than regional readers.

Local papers on the other hand connected readers with their community however it must be noted that two thirds of local readers also read metro papers. Local paper audience is concentrated in the 30 to 44 and 65 plus age group, skewing towards woman as many mothers are interested in their local community. However younger readers (18-24) do find local papers useful for information on local events and activities, considering it twice as relevant compared to social media as a source. Local papers can also provide special discounts for local businesses, when enquiring make sure to ask whether this is applicable in your situation. Local paper readers have an affinity to their local area, 86% agree they would like to know what’s occurring in their community and a further 86% like to support local business.

 A major bonus for local papers is that their advertising ability and how readers connect to the ads within it. 57% of readers feel better about a business if they were to advertise in their local paper. Local paper also outperforms other local sources such as letter box drops and local radio. Often local newspapers have relationships and reliability within their community, being a part of local events and immersing themselves in the community. Local papers can also be flexible in their ad booking and offer accommodating budgets to suit your own. With many local newspaper readers they will act on the advertisements they see, going to cafés and restaurants and going to events. Which make it an influence in a consumer’s decision making process.

As a business, the choice of publication and whether it is local or metropolitan is of great concern as your choice could impact on your advertising success. If you’re a local business owner and know that there is a local paper or a metropolitan paper, I’d suggest the local paper. As the people reading the local paper are already in your vicinity and may even know your business and the ad may be the bit of reinforcement they needed to make the decision to try your product or service. Though if you own a business that has more than one outlet over a few locations, metropolitan papers may be your choice depending on your target market.

The combination of the two papers allows advertisers to communicate with people on different levels.  Many newspaper readers are looking for ads and sometimes welcome them, as a result your ads are received more kindly rather than intrusively which is a crucial benefit to an advertisement. 


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