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Newspaper Advertising: Should you advertise online or offline?

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 5, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspaper advertising can be a confusing space for a first timer with the many different publications, specification sizes and jargon. Though now it is more confusing than ever with online newspaper advertising entering the space. Here is a quick run through on what publications are available online and some of their benefits and disadvantages when compared to offline newspaper advertising.

Many of the publications available in the traditional format of newspapers also offer the same editions online. The following is a preview of the publications in the Sydney area that have both online and print editions. 

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However, depending on your campaign and advertisement you may have to make the decision whether online or the traditional format will suit your needs. To help you make up your mind, we’ll share with you the pros and cons of both formats.

The advantages of online newspaper advertising are quite distinct from the traditional print format. Online is readily accessible, it is available essentially anywhere there is an internet connection. In saying that it is also can be instantly updated, which is important for breaking news as people no longer have to wait till the next time the paper comes out. People can stay connected throughout their entire day thanks to online newspapers.

A disadvantage of online newspaper advertising is that as a medium it is not as trusted as traditional print newspapers. This could affect how people interpret your advertising messages and this should be a consideration if you’re aiming to be a trusted brand. One major bonus for online newspapers is the content that is published can be tailored and specific people will go searching for it. This is a bonus for your advertisements, as you can reach the people you want to reach. With traditional newspapers on the decline, their readership is transferring over to the digital editions which is a big bonus for online advertisers. Online newspapers have great measurability compared to the traditional format, as you can often see how many people are clicking on advertisements and when they have done so for example.

The traditional newspaper is quite the contrast to online newspapers and is the most trusted source of information from all the mediums. This trust is often transferred over to the advertisements within it and brands that advertise in newspapers can also be considered as trustworthy. Newspaper advertisements can often be interchanged if they’re not performing, though some newspapers may not be so flexible. Newspaper readerships are gradually eroding, which is a major disadvantage to advertisers. When newspapers are compared to other media formats they can often be more expensive and therefore inefficient.

No matter what option you choose it is always crucial to keep in mind your target audience, they should be the ultimate variable that determines where you end up advertising. If you need a hand with the many advertising options that are out there, get in contact with 360DMG.


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