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A guide to creating great newspaper advertisements

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 1, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspaper ads are a great method of communicating your message that is if they’re done correctly. Creating a great newspaper advertisement takes plenty of practice and trial. It is also important you conduct your research before creating an ad and research will be your first step to take in many advertising duties.

Before you dive into newspaper advertising, research should be conducted. Without research, newspaper advertising would be like stumbling around to find the toilet in the middle of the night and essentially you’d be stumbling your way through a lot of obstacles on the way.

Firstly, you must understand your target market. Appropriate research must be conducted in finding a) your appropriate target market b) where your target consumes their media and c) what will attract their attention the most. If you have a target market with an older demographic, for example 35 to 49 or 54 to 64, newspapers may be an appropriate option. Though you may find your target consumes majority of their media via television and therefore newspapers could potentially be a supplementary media option. Part c) would involve AB testing, which involves trialling different versions of the same ad to see which works best.  If you find newspaper ads will successfully meet your target markets needs you can move on to the next steps in the process.

With any advertisements, timing will be an issue to consider. Depending on the publication you choose, different days will captivate your audience’s attention more than others. This will vary from market to market however newspapers will often have specific sections dedicated to specific days; your target may only read the specific day that has a lifestyle section in it.

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Perhaps the most important part of your ad, the copy, must be executed well. The headline should be catchy, attention grabbing and must resonate with your audience. Keep your working simple and without jargon, you don’t want to complicate your ad with too many words or words that may be misunderstood. Along with not using too many words, you should avoid being too wordy as this potentially can make your ad seem like its rambling. Appealing to emotions is an effective technique for most ads, instead of reasoning with consumer’s rationale you can try to evoke certain emotions. Grammar is another important factor. How many times have you seen an ad with poor grammar and misspelled words? Automatically you dislike the ad and disrepute the brand.

When creating your ad, be aware of the connotations surrounding certain colours, as many cultures and nations colours can have different meanings. So depending on the country you’re marketing in, you should learn the meanings of colours in that particular culture. The colour red has many different meanings depending on the nation or religion; in the Hebrew religion it is the colour of sin and sacrifice, compared to India where it is the colour of purity, fertility, love and beauty.

Another consideration when creating an ad is the size and position. Depending on your requirements your ad will vary in the ideal size. Generally the bigger ads will get noticed more frequently as well as being a great tool for raising awareness. If you are using a smaller ad and want to increase the impact, it could be placed throughout a newspaper multiple times to potentially be noticed more.

Finally a call to action is an absolute must in your ad. How else will your audience know what to do after viewing your ad? A call to action could be as simple as ‘call now’ or ‘fill this form for your free sample’. Ads are known to perform much better when they feature a call to action.

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