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How to negotiate a good newspaper advertising rate

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 22, 2016 1:00:00 PM

At 360 we understand that when you’re advertising you want to get the most out of your placements and obviously at the right price. A part of this is being able to get the best rate from the for newspaper rates from the media. However, being a novice in advertising in newspapers may be confronting as negotiating rates for an advertisement is not like negotiating with a vendor at your local markets. Newspaper ads can be hot property and some advertisers would say that particular placements are more valuable than an actual property.

One major part of negotiating is ensuring both individuals in the process benefit from making the deal. It’s important to know that rates are almost always flexible and the ultimate goal of negotiating is to save money. Keep in mind that 360DMG can do a great job of negotiating, as it pretty much is our job.

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It’s important to base an offer off a prior rate as if you go into a negotiation and ask for a rate that is nowhere near the standard rate, chances are you won’t have a substantial argument. With this in mind, research has to be done on your part. Try delving into the great source of information being the internet and dig up whatever you can find on what a rate looks like for the specific ad size you’re after. This way you’ll have some ammo for your case in negotiating a good rate. When dealing with negotiations, as important as doing your research you’ll need to refrain from divulging your ideal rate. You should wait until the other person states their lowest rate; as their lowest may already be lower than your own and from there you should start to chip away that rate.

One way of getting a heavy discount on your advertisements is to buy distress advertisements as the media is generally aiming to sell the placement as soon as they can and the rates are far cheaper. By buying distress ads you could potentially save yourself great amounts of money and the discount on a distress rate could potentially be upwards of 70%.

Mentioned previously, negotiations should be beneficial for both parties so it is important you put something on the table for the other party. Loyalty to a particular paper is something that could be offered by stating you will look to use them in the future which is a big bonus for the newspaper. Another example of making the deal beneficial for both parties is to buy more than one ad, purchasing many ads at a time can reduce your rate significantly and it also shows loyalty to the publication.

However if you’re after a tailor solution with solid industry experience, come and talk to us at 360DMG as we’ve already established a number of great relationships with the media and they’ll always offer us a better rate than what can be offered to a single individual. 

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