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A guide to advertising in the Newspaper Classifieds

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 18, 2016 1:00:00 PM

When thinking of your next advertising campaign, keep in mind print advertising as it is a trusted source of information by many consumers. A simple way of reaching your consumers through print advertising is using the classifieds section. One attraction to classified advertising is that they can be cheap however some can be expensive. When people are searching through classifieds they are already in the mindset of needing a product and you therefore don’t have to convince them they need something, you just need to convince them it’s your product or service that they need. Newspaper classified in print can look like the below image; however in more recent times classifieds have appeared online with modern day examples including eBay or Carsales. 

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As with all advertisements there are certain specifications that need to be met and classifieds are no different. There is also options of 1.5, 3 and 4 modules; the below are examples of 1 and 2 modules.

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There are many elements within the classified section of a newspaper that you should identify in order to decide which section your ad would be most appropriate for. The general classified sections of your local paper may include similar sections as; buy and sell, general services, personal announcements, auctions, tenders, home and garden directory, general and public notices, good food directory, travel directory.

When buying classified advertisements it is important to know how much you’re going to being paying for what you want. This will depend on a number of factors including which publication you will be using, the amount of modules you want to occupy, if it is display or lineage and so on. Lineage rates are based on the amounts of lines written in your copy, for example in the Sydney Morning Herald if you want to advertise in the Trading World section you will be looking at paying $9.18 per line Monday to Friday and $10.08 on Saturday. While the display rates are based on the amount of modules you will occupy, for example one module in Trading World for Monday to Friday the rate would be $450 while Saturday would cost $580. In comparison, if you wanted to advertise in The Age their rates would also vary. Advertising Sunday to Friday by Lineage you would expect to pay $8.98 per line and $10.81 on Saturday. On the other hand, if you were to advertise by display modules Sunday to Friday it would cost you $508 and $641.78 on a Saturday.

If classified advertisements are an option for your advertising campaign, make sure you contact 360DMG for help with your media plan.

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