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Is Newspaper Advertising right for you?

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 15, 2016 1:00:00 PM

When deciding on a medium for an advertisement, it’s essential that research is done to ensure that you are reaching your desired audience in the appropriate location. It is therefore essential to answer a few questions before deciding whether newspaper advertising is right for your brand and target market.

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Am I aiming to reach a lot of people?

One of the key reasons brands choose to use newspaper advertising as a medium is for the potential reach newspapers can offer with larger readerships. For example, the Manly Daily has a readership of 148,000, one of the larger in the Sydney region. 

Who is my audience?

Knowing your target audience means knowing where they’re most likely to consume your advertisement. If you aren’t in the same space as your consumers you may as well not be there. For example, the Australian gambling community, which is made up of gamblers and punters must use different targeting methods to reach these two audiences. Gamblers generally play games of chance such as poker machines and the lotto, whereas punters are predominantly sports and horse or dog racing. Punters prefer Newspapers when compared to any other medium as the betting form guide is available in the paper. It has been shown that 38% of recreational gamblers, 48% of TAB punters, and 42% of online punters all preferred Newspapers compared to other advertising mediums. With this knowledge you are therefore able to decifer the best way to target your audience as well as which medium and placement will work best. 

Should I use more than one platform, and which one?

If you are considering using another medium to compliment your newspaper advertising, TV advertising provides the best match to increase response. Studies have shown that when TV and newspaper advertising are combined, consumer response was increased by 48%, which is especially relevant for food and car categories. 

What is my budget?

Budget is a major contributing factor to the choices available to you as an advertiser. You do not necessarily have to have a large budget to execute the best campaign but rather choose the mediums that are more relevant to your brand. You may look to combine more than one medium and enlist 360DMG to help you put use your budget in the most effective manner. 

Newspaper advertising may a be a great option for your business in order to reach your potential audience and increase the awareness of your brand. If you are interested in wanting to know more about newspaper advertising,please contact us at 360DMG and we can tailor a solution to your business.

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