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An introduction to newspaper advertising rates

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 11, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Wherever you spend your money, what you pay for a product is always important. You’d never want to be getting ripped off at the counter and knowing you could have gotten a product cheaper. The same can be said for rates that are obtained for your newspaper ads, you wouldn’t want to pay the full price knowing you could have gotten a better price.

There are many factors that can contribute to the cost of your ad. One major contributing factor is the relationship that can be established with a publication. If your relationship is mutually beneficial and working well, the rates will gradually get better. Though if it goes sour, you could say goodbye to any good rates coming your way in the future.

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The location of where your advertisement is in the paper also plays a major part; whether it is in early general news (EGN), classifieds or sport, they all play a part in the rate. Classified ads can be charged either by lineage or display. Lineage is when you pay for the amount of lines in your copy whereas in display is when you pay for the modules your ad occupies. Placement in newspaper advertising is key as many consumers skim read through the paper. Page 3 of a newspaper is prime real estate as most people will open up the paper to see at least the first couple of pages before skim reading. Where you place your ad will depend on what you’re offering and what your brand is, you wouldn’t necessarily place an ad for makeup products in the sports section of the paper.

You may have guessed that the bigger the advertisement, the bigger the rate will be. Though for buying the bigger spots there may be more of an incentive than buying the smaller spots as the bigger ads can potentially get noticed more so than the smaller ads. Also what effects advertising rates in newspapers is the circulation, the size of the ad, and the cost per thousand people; all being accumulated to equal a rate. Before deciding where to place an ad, you should do your research. For whichever paper you are looking at advertising in, try and find the rate card. This is where you can get the basic understanding a good rate. From there compare the rates from different newspapers and determine if you would get any potential value from one paper over the other. What should determine the paper you choose should ultimately be your target market and what they are reading.

At 360DMG we manage our relationships with the media to keep both them and our clients as pleased as possible. Instead of you doing the hard work trying to get the best rates, 360DMG will do it for you. Our team are professionals when it comes to getting the best rate and can drive it down. In doing this, we can get the most out of the media as they end up offering rates that are very competitive and appealing; ultimately keeping a mutually beneficial relationship. Why not get in contact with the 360DMG team today!

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