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A guide to Newspaper Advertising

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 8, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Thinking of doing some newspaper advertising? This blog will discuss a few things that you should be aware of before entering the landscape. Advertisement specifications are rather important to be aware of just in case your advertisement’s specific dimensions may not be suitable for the particular ad space. With this in mind we’ll give you a preview of all the possible dimensions that can be used for this type of advertising.

If you are looking at placing an advertisement in a particular newspaper, they’ll have their own specifications and deadlines. It is therefore crucial to understand the individual paper you are thinking of advertising in. For example, News Corp publications have different specifications when compared with Fairfax papers.

 Firstly we’ll start with News Corp tabloid publication sizes. Please note that measurements are in mm’s. 

Jan 8

The material you supply must comply with specific publications requirements such as specific dimensions, no printer marks and to be submitted before the deadline. The file must also be CMYK (resolution-200dpi, ink Weight- 230 percent separation type- GCR, black ink limit- 80 percent, dot gain- 30 percent, highlight- minimum 3 percent). Your advertisement can be delivered via Adstream or Adsend.

For example the below would be an M3x6 in a News Corp publication. These are nice simple advertisements and can easily get a message across to the reader. 

Jan 8.png

The below is a T2PAN which is a panorama advertisement. As you can see they are useful for making longer list more aesthetically pleasing. However, you must weigh up whether you want half your advertisement to potentially be missed as the other half will most likely be in another section altogether.

Jan 8next

The below is a good example of a half page horizontal (M6x6), this placement can get your advertisements noticed. As you can see these are rather large ads and won’t be missed by your target market.

Jan 8nxt.png

Fairfax has the following dimensions for advertisements in their publications. Note that sizes are in cm’s.

Jan 8nxtt

Like News Corp publications, Fairfax has their own requirements that must be adhered to when providing your material for the advertisement. If these requirements are not met there is the chance your advertisement may not be processed or the advertisement may not be of the greatest quality. Images must be in EPS or TIFF format, the minimum resolution-150dpi, minimum resolution for greyscale images-150dpi, minimum resolution for black and white images-600dpi, total ink weight-240 percent. Fairfax also recommends certain specifications such as 8pt font for coloured type in bold, 12pt for reverse type in bold and 6pt for single colour.

Please contact the team at 360DMG if you are wanting more information about newspaper advertising or would like us to tailor a solution to your business. 

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