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Your guide to knowing your way around Manly Daily Advertising

Posted by Casey Whatton on Jan 25, 2016 1:00:00 PM

If you’re about to begin your journey in press advertising and think the Manly Daily would fit with your target market, the following is a detailed overview of what you can expect when dealing with the Manly Daily. This piece will cover distribution, their readership and more.


The Manly Daily has been in circulation for over 100 years, is free and runs five-days-a week. It is also available online, via tablet and on mobile. The Manly Daily has a readership of 148,000, a circulation of 87,525 and reaches a broad range of potential target markets such as Mums with kids, young people (18-24) and families with children at home. Below is an outline of each market:

- The ‘Mums with children at home’ segment purchases 92% of the shopping in a given household and controls where 69% of the total household income is spent

- The ‘young people’ segment are very modern; they’ll spend on average $165 on most Sundays participating in activities

- The ‘family with children under 18’ segment travels, researches recipes online and convey your average Australian children.

Along with the Manly Daily’s broad target market, the paper also covers a large geographic area. It can be seen in areas from Allambie to Wheeler Heights and in many other suburbs including Narrabeen, Manly Vale, Oxford Falls, North Balgowlah and Belrose to name a few.

The Manly Daily is a tabloid format which runs from Tuesday through to Saturday with most of the issues being associated with News or Sport. Below is an outline of specific features in each day’s paper:

- Tuesday and Saturday’s papers feature ‘Street Watch’ – which provides information on safety and crime prevention, people can see where crime has occurred in certain areas

- Tuesday features ‘Health and Fitness

- Wednesday features ‘Smart Shopper

- Thursday exclusively features ‘Home’ and ‘Near You’ - Near You offers information on suburb specific news

- Friday exclusively features ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Best Recipes’ - Best Recipes highlights what people are cooking and how anyone willing to try could attempt them. Smart Shopper tells readers where to get the best local products and deals

- Saturday exclusively features ‘@school’, ‘Real Estate’, ‘What’s On’ and ‘Carsguide’ - @school allows readers to become more informed on local schools including issues surrounding local education. Real Estate provides the latest listings, PR statistics, and advice for buyers and sellers. What’s On shows a weekly calendar with plenty of fun things to do. Lifestyle and Health & Fitness aim to give people useful information on how to lead healthy lives

- All days (excluding Thursday) feature ‘Conversations’ - Conversations is about people from the community sharing their own opinions about varying topics. These opinions are based on letters, emails, Facebook, and polls

With the Manly Daily being a tabloid, the page and advertisement sizes will vary from gloss. The specifications are as follows. A double page spread (M12x12) is 380x551, half page spread (M6x12) is 188x551, quarter page spread (M3x12) is 92x551, half page horizontal (M6x6) is 188x262 and small strip (M2x6) is 60x262.

For access to competitive rates don’t hesitate to contact the team at 360DMG.

As the Manly Daily is published on multiple days, there is different deadlines for each day as well as alternate deadlines for the classified section.

Tuesday: Deadline is the Friday before display

Wednesday: The Monday before display

Thursday: The Tuesday before display

Friday: The Wednesday before display

Saturday: The Thursday before display

Classified: One day prior to publication day.

For more information you can visit the Manly Daily’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/manlydaily/ or you can view the online copy at http://newslocal.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx. Alternatively, please contact the team at 360DMG to find out how we can help you as well as the exclusive rates we can offer.


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