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5 Social Media Marketing Trends that dominated 2015

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Dec 21, 2015 1:00:00 PM

The social media marketing environment is diverse and constantly evolving. In order to help understand what strategies you should be putting into play into 2016, let’s take a look at the 5 trends that have dominated in 2015.  

1. Scommerce

Social media commerce is becoming increasingly important for marketers. Many social media platforms now have the ability for users to directly purchase products or services with just the click of a button! In 2014, the total tracked social media commerce sales increased 26% from $3.3 billion to $2.62 billion showing that it is fast becoming a highly used media for purchasing products and services.

Scommerce is great because it eliminates the issue of having to encourage or incentify users to visit your website. Rather your audience is already receptive and therefore you are able to provide the opportunity for sales without the user leaving the social networking site.


2. The rise of Mobile

With approximately 93% of the population worldwide owning at least one mobile phone, the opportunities for businesses to use mobile in their offerings is increasing. Also growing is the number of businesses using social media platforms to engage customers which allows them to reach a wider range of people who can be targeted by demographic, location and so on.  

Mobile platforms are able to be accessed by users in a multitude of different locations, time zones, social situation and more due to the accessibility and easeability of devices. This allows marketers to target specific people using push notifications, click-to-action buttons, SMS, app features and so on.


3. Video, video, video

Video content can be easily uploaded to social media pages using accessible devices such as smart phones and tablets. This makes it easy for users and businesses to quickly and easily upload rich and engaging content as well as reach a wider audience (e.g. Facebook rewards native video by the way of reach compared to other forms of content). Video also has the ability to create an emotional connection with its audience through the use of storytelling. Engaging visual stories allow marketers to display their products or services in a new light with high engagement and user generated content.

Video has shown huge growth in 2015 and the below stats say it all:

-          There has been a 360% increase in Facebook video publishing

-          57% of marketers are using video

-          72% of marketers plan on increasing use of video and want to learn more

-          Smaller but still considerable numbers of marketers are using other video platforms including Instagram (36%), Vine (4%) and Snapchat (2%).


4. New Technologies/Platforms

The rise of new technologies have allowed consumers to engage with social media in new and exciting ways. New apps and platforms are constantly arising and evolving also.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch for example allows consumers to receive social media notifications, email notifications and so on which will provide marketers the opportunity to reach people in a different way.

Snap Chat

Snapchat allows people to post in-the-moment updates on where they are, what they are doing, who they are with and so on. With the instant capture of a photo or video, the content can be instantly shared to a selected group of people. Sponsored (paid) ads are also able to be implemented into a person’s snapchat feed which allows marketers to feed consumers real-time content to promote their brand.


5. Paid content is crucial

As we all know, the reach of paid advertising (especially on Facebook) is rewarded far more highly in terms of conversions than organic content. Instagram, who is owned by Facebook) introduced earlier this year the ability to buy ads which allows businesses to tap into more than 300 million monthly users worldwide.

Social media networks have implemented complex algorithms which favour paid content over organic content so it’s a no brainer that paid is the way to go! Paid content is therefore crucial for businesses wanting to increase and maintain their reach and stand out in such a saturated market. 

Paid Social resized 600

In 2016, there is inevitably going to come a new set of trends. The world of social media marketing is constantly involving and providing us with new ways of reach our intended audiences. For now we will have to wait and see what tools 2016 brings!

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