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Twitter Advertising: How can it help you increase engagement?

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Dec 18, 2015 1:00:00 PM

With over 500 million tweets being sent each and every day, Twitter is a place for people to instantaneously share information and connect with people and businesses around the world. It is also increasingly becoming a large platform for businesses to engage in advertising in order to increase engagement, sales and customers.

 Twitter Advertising

Types of Twitter Advertising

Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts quickly allow you to build a community of followers by promoting your account for people to follow. You are able to target specific audiences using broad categories, location or gender as well as tailor the campaign messaging to specific groups which allows for more focused campaigns.


Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets help users and businesses strengthen regular tweets in order to increase engagement as well as allow the tweet to be seen by a larger audience. Promoted tweets are most useful for promoting an upcoming event, sale or announcement whereby the user wants to increase exposure and engagement.


Promoted Trends

Trends are topics or issues that people are currently discussing on Twitter. When promoting a trend, you are able to gain mass exposure as these hashtags are placed in a highly visible place next to a user’s timeline. This trend remains visible at the top of the list for an entire day and feeds users through to your Promoted Tweet when they click through.


Benefits of using Twitter

There are many benefits of using Twitter advertising. The main points are outlined below:

  • Increase viewership: With hundreds of millions of viewers, users and businesses are able to reach a mass audience

  • Increase engagement: 50% of users have shopped at the websites of social media businesses they follow which shows that Twitter is a successful platform for increasing engagement between users and brands

  • Increase sales: 60% of users purchased something from a social media business because of something they saw on Twitter showing that the platform is effective in converting engaging posts into sales

  • Increase customers: 43% of users plan to regularly purchase from the social media businesses they follow showing that continued use of the platform allows for customers to be generated and retained by businesses

  • Adapt content: Twitter allows you to tailor specific content to specific people and groups therefore increasing the likelihood of more personalised content being seen. 


Cost Effectiveness

Twitter’s payment is based only on engagement, so if no one clicks on your promoted account, tweet or trend you will not be charged. Furthermore, you will never be charged for any organic activity on Twitter (non-promoted material). Twitter is therefore a cost effective way to promote your business as you have complete control over how much money you invest on the platform.


Need help?

Feel like it’s all just a little too complicated? Let 360DMG understand your needs and budget and we will tailor a social media solution to your business! Furthermore, we will have access to analytics information to track the performance of the activity and keep you updated on how your campaigns are going. Get in touch with us today.

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