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Cook Up A Feast With Your Facebook Advertising

Posted by Jodie Brett on Dec 11, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Using Facebook as a tool to develop your restaurant business is essential in today’s digital savvy environment, however to the untrained eye it can be a slightly daunting task. So 360 has come to the rescue, and here we’ll give you a run through of the basics to start your Facebook journey to success.

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Content You Should Be Posting

Facebook is a great tool for connecting people, so why not connect with your existing customers and also attract potential ones? In order to grab the attention and engagement of your audience, however, you must be posting relevant and interesting content. 

Pictures of your food can be displayed, videos of your chefs cooking their masterpieces can be uploaded, and you can update customers on daily specials. This is a great way to get people interested in your business and give them a preview of what they may order. Facebook can also help you strengthen your brand image, by uploading relevant content to your business you can show customers what you’re really about as a brand.

Competitions and surveys are also a great way of engaging with customers. By offering giveaways for completing surveys you will discover more about your customers and build on your relationship with them. Competitions are a great way of building hype and can be done by people sharing your page for example; essentially they are helping to advertise for you, spreading awareness and getting people through your restaurant’s door. 


Engaging With Your Customers

When customers connect with your business online, every engagement must be responded to whether it be negative or positive. If your business encounters negative comments, you must look to rectify the situation and apologise if necessary- you could potentially offer discounts and free products. If positive feedback is given, thank the customer for their feedback. Along with this, it is important to remain truthful in responses, as dishonest responses could further impact your businesses reputation. 

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a great tool for any business, and a restaurant or cafe is no exception. With numerous targeting capabilities, you could potentially target advertisements to people within the vicinity of your restaurant, giving them exclusive deals for visiting. Facebook advertising can be incredibly specific, where you can select the criteria that you wish for people to meet and specifically advertise to this niche, or you can target more broadly for anyone who just enjoys good food and coffee. When used in combination with other marketing efforts such as print and outdoor, you can make the most out of your advertising budget. With Facebook being available on mobile too, you not only reach them at home you can reach them when they’re out, multiplying the impression your advertisements can have.


Who Is Doing It Right?

The best way to learn how to use Facebook the right was as a restaurant, is to look to your competition!

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut adopted Facebook early on and now they have over 26 million Facebook fans. Posting deals, photos, videos and asking questions all aids in keeping their customers engaged while achieving some market research at the same time.

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Subway are masters at intgerating both their online and offline marketing initiatives all on their Facebook page. Highlighting offline activity on their Facebook page and pushing people to this has worked tremendously well for them, alongside other engaging content.

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Though all this can be tricky to the digitally unqualified restaurateur, so 360 can take on your Facebook mangement and advertising and get you results! Contact us today so we can help you get people through those doors.

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