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9 Reasons Why You Need To Use Facebook Advertising

Posted by Jodie Brett on Dec 7, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Advertising on Facebook is a near necessity in today’s world, and its benefits can be reaped by all business types: local, national, international, small, or large. Here are nine reasons why your business should be advertising on Facebook.

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1) The world’s largest audience

Despite the continuous emergence of new social media sites, Facebook still reigns supreme. There are 13 million Australians on Facebook, 1.4 billion members worldwide, and more than 900 million of those members visit the site every day. Studies find that active Facebook users check the site multiple times a day; that's a lot of eyeballs and a lot of opportunity to reach your audience with advertising.

2) Truly engaging the user

Facebook reaches audiences on the platforms in which they are most engaged. The mobile has essentially become an extension of our hands, and it is no secret that the internet dominates our lives. Through Facebook advertising consumers can be reached practically anytime, anywhere. These adverts are also appealing because they demand the user’s attention as they are effortlessly weaved into the Facebook newsfeed.

3) Creative Control

Facebook advertising is flexible and easy to maintain. You have utter creative control (as long as you abide by the advertisement regulations) with being able to choose between still images and video. The creative you use in your advertisements is arguably the most important component of your ads, so being able to experiment and find the most engaging creative is vital.

4) A/B testing

Facebook’s ability to A/B test, gives you insight into your audience and helps determine which advertisement best suits your campaign needs. Switch up the creative you use as well as your ad's text, monitor results and optimise accordingly. This is the best way to see what is and isn't working for your audience.

5) Low cost

The minimum spend on Facebook advertising is just one dollar a day, which means there is a lot of flexibility in how much you allocate to it. There are multiple bid types available: CPM, CPC and CPA to name a few. This range of packages allows for your campaign to reach as many users as your budget will allow, with the objective of your campaign at the forefront.


7) Easily track spending, performance, and ROI

The Facebook Adverts Manager has a multitude of metrics for advertisers to help manage their campaigns and keep track of their performance. These include metrics such as:

  • Impressions (total number of times an ad was displayed )

  • Reach (total number of different people who saw your ad)

  • Frequency (average number of times an individual saw your ad)

  • The actions said individual took upon seeing you ad (likes, comments, shares, click throughs)

  • Spending data, such as Cost per Click, Cost per Like and Cost per Conversion

8) Facebook fan page

The fan page is a fantastic means to display customer loyalty, create a community, promote new products and launch campaigns. Companies are able to interact directly with the customer, build their brand image and humanize their business. Attracting people to your page via advertising is a great way to build your following.


9) Direct Targeting

It is important that through any form of advertising, you reach that group of people who really are interested in your product or service, which is exactly what Facebook enables you to do! not only doesn Facebook hold a myriad of information around users' information such as age, gender and location, they also know what pages they like and what content they engage in. This makes an advertisers job very straight forward, allowing them to push their advertising out to those people who are more likely to interact and engage with it and help achieve the advertiser's goals.

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