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What Are Facebook Offers?

Posted by Jodie Brett on Dec 4, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Who doesn’t like the idea of saving a buck or two? Facebook offers are specials and discounts that you can set up from your Facebook business page. Facebook offers are available for people who have 50 or more likes on a local business or place page.  Likers of your page are able to view these deals which they can claim and then use. You can set your offer to be redeemable in store, online, or both, depending on what you choose to set it on. But let's dig a little deeper.


What Are Facebook Offers?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business, local business, or corporation, Facebook offers can be used to help promote your business, build your mailing list, draw attention to free events, and aid in building authority and recognition across Facebook. Facebook offers have the three goals of increasing sales, getting people to talk about your business, and providing a way to measure your success.



How do you get your Facebook Offers started?

Once you have accumulated 50 or more likes, you are able to start to make offers. Here is how you can do it:

  1. At the top of your page, you can select that you would like to create an offer. Choose either in store, online, or both.

  2. Enter a website and optional coupon code for online offers

  3. Create a thumbnail choosing a title for your offer, a description and an image

  4. Configure the following options: an expiration date, a claims limit, a bar code for in-store offers, terms and conditions.

  5. Preview what your offer looks like through a Facebook generated email

  6. Set a budget to allocate how many people you want your ad to reach.  A specific budget will reach a certain number of people depending on how many fans you have.


Why are Facebook offers useful?

Increase in Sales

Facebook offers allow you to promote your business through your current fans as well as reach potential ones. Your offer may be featured on the newsfeed of people who do not already like your page due to them having friends that do like your page. This combination of existing and mutual fans can result in reaching existing and new customers with a relevant offer.


Get People Talking

People can be tagged in your offers as well as them having the ability to be shared. Even an accumulation of likes will help spread your ad to more people. If people are talking about your offer, you are engaging them and creating the possibility of having them follow up on your Facebook promotion.


Measure your success

When people use your access code online or instore, you will be able to track how many people your ad reached. You can track how many people actually claimed your offer by going to your offer on your Page Timeline and looking at the bottom of the screen. Once someone claims your offer, they will receive an email with details about redeeming the offer, the expiration date, and the terms and conditions.


Variety of promotions

You are able to promote a variety of things through Facebook offers. You can promote your business as a whole by offering a certain discount off everything. You can also promote a specific product, whether it is a product that is not selling well or a more expensive product, by promoting it individually. You can promote a blog or other material to try to increase your mailing list. In addition, you can promote an event to see how many people wish to attend. Finally, you can promote other social media channels by drawing attention to them through Facebook offers.


Facebook offers can be extremely beneficial whether you are trying to promote an event, a specific product, or your business in general.  You are able to reach all of your fans plus friends of your fans. It is relatively simple to set up and you can do it right from your page.  Facebook offers provides the benefits of increased sales, getting people to talk about your business, product, or event, makes it easy to track how successful this marketing strategy really is, and allows you to promote a multitude of aspects in your business. All you need to have is 50 people that like your page and you are able to start your Facebook offers today!

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