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Pinterest Advertising: Its Benefits And How You Can Use It

Posted by Jodie Brett on Nov 23, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Pinterest is a medium in which users can search and “pin” certain images to view later; it can almost be thought of one giant mood and inspiration board, stored on the web but where you can interact with other users content. You can organize your pins into different boards depending on the subject.  Everything from recipes to workouts, fashion to quotes can be searched and saved for future reference. It is not a surprise that through these searches, advertising opportunities have recently been utilized. Promoted pins reach the goals of increasing awareness, engagement, and traffic to your business or product.

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Create Awareness

Pinners are always trying to discover new things to try in the future, making them a very desirable audience. Your advertisement can be saved and viewed, if pinned, even after the advertising campaign is over. There is an average of a 5% bump after the conclusion of the Pinterest advertisement time. Walgreens used promoted pins to triple their referral traffic through Pinterest!


Boost Engagement

When someone engages with your promoted pins, they are creating a strong sense of intent. After they have pinned an advertisement, they are likely to go back to it and engage further in the product. Create a sense of engagement with your pin, making it seem essential the pinner follows through to a further step.


Drive Traffic

When customers take action in your pins and visit your website, they are being exposed to more information about your company. They can see your products, services, and content and how it could fit into their lives. Include links to social media as well as your website homepage in your information to create even more traffic.


Tips for your Pinterest Advertising Campaign

Whether you are still waiting to get your campaign approved or have access to your promoted pins, there are some crucial things that you should know about advertising on Pinterest. Here are some things that should be done:

  • Adjust your campaign regularly - change your campaign image, text, and keywords to see what gets the best results. Keep trying new things to see which specific advertisement attracts the most traffic and creates the most engagement.

  • Use a call to action - include a further step within your pin such as “sign up today” or “download for free.” Be careful that it does not come across as too salesy as users may automatically dismiss the advertisement.

  • Use relevant keywords - link your product to relevant key words. When people search for that keyword, your advertisement will come up. However, do not link your advertisement to irrelevant keywords at the risk of having unnecessary charges.

  • Take advantage of target audiences - You can target your Pinterest marketing plan to pinners’ location, device, gender or language.  Combining this with effective keywords, your target audience has a good chance of being reached.

  • Bid aggressively - in order to get a strong start, bid aggressively for a higher spot in the advertising line.  Because you only pay per click, it is a good idea to dish out the extra money in the beginning to attract traffic.

  • Connect - link your account with other social media accounts to create additional traffic and engagement.

Using these tips can help make an effective Pinterest advertisement. Anyone with a Pinterest account is able to advertise as long as you have a Pinterest business account and get it approved. The approval process takes about three weeks. After this, you are ready to set up your campaign and adjust who it is targeted for. Because you can filter by location, Pinterest advertising can be useful for small businesses as well as large businesses. The billing is a combination of pay per click and the auction based aspect for your advertising slot. You can scale your advertisement to whatever suits your needs, making it ideal for all business sizes.

Pinterest is a visual phenomenon that is increasing in popularity. Users are able to narrowly search items, making it an advertising hot spot for target marketing. There are a few tips you should keep in mind, as Pinterest differs from other social media sites. Pinterest marketing can be effective for both small and large businesses as you can scale your campaign to specifically fit your needs and desires.  Advertising on Pinterest is fairly new and should be taken advantage of to add to your current marketing mix. 

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