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How To Get Your Social Media Working For You This Christmas

Posted by Jodie Brett on Nov 16, 2015 1:00:00 PM

The holiday season is fast approaching which means that people are about to get very busy purchasing gifts and searching for your products and services. In order to optimise your sales for this holiday season, you should put more thought into your current strategy. When the holidays approach, it is a good time to reevaluate your online advertising, press advertising, and social media marketing plan. So let's go through some tips to help out!

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Do not wait until last minute to decide that you want to advertise this holiday season. Your holiday marketing plan should be clear on what, and when, you are going to do everything. Start now!



Revisit your target audience. Make sure your product and advertisement is appealing to that audience. Also, make sure you have your discount codes applicable in your site.



Think about who is going to be actually purchasing your product or service.  Is it a gift? You are now not only responsible to market your product to your usual target audience, but also to people who would purchase the product for that person. A product aimed at women should not only continue to appeal to them for personal purchase, but also should give the message that you should be purchasing this gift for an important woman in your life.


Ask yourself

The holiday season brings a plethora of competitors along with the potential buyers. You need to ask what makes your product better than others and be able to communicate that through your marketing strategy. Stand out by offering special holiday promotions.

Now that you have revisited the foundations of your marketing plan, here are some tips to try to heighten/ attract your audience.

Many times, buyers will be as keen as spending money on themselves as they are for their loved ones.  Using one of the following techniques could result in more attention to your product or service.

  • “One for you, one for me” offer - the buyer gets a reward for buying a gift.

  • “Treat yourself” offer - telling the customer to take a break from thinking about others and to focus on themselves.

  • “Gift that keeps on giving” offer - when the customer will continue to receive benefits into the new year - this is great to increase prolonged customer service!

  • “Get the gift you really want” offer - when a consumer picks out their own gift and sends a notification to a loved one via email/SMS/mail that they found something they want. 

  • Motivate shoppers with a deadline such as “order now for guaranteed delivery” - adds urgency to the buying process.

  • Give a bonus- supply a bonus gift or voucher with a purchase - 61% of people spend more than the voucher is worth.

  • Create a “holiday bundle” special - call your special a gift set or holiday promotion to make the product seem like it is for a limited time and you are getting more value.


Social Media

Social Media is a way people can look up and see your product.  Having a strong social media outlet could attract potential buyers to your product during the holiday season.

  • Trend watching - watch what is trending and try to incorporate hashtags relating to the trend and your product to attract customers.

  • Create a Christmas logo - let twitter, Facebook, and Instagram users know you are ready for the holiday season by creating a festive logo.

  • Run a Facebook competition that has giveaways to create exposure and buzz about your product. 

The holidays can be a useful time to try to optimize your social media. Planning ahead is crucial to ensure optimum buyer potential. Go back and revisit your audience, as you may need to appeal to additional people. Use techniques to get customers to buy your product by providing a benefit only your company can supply. Update your social media to match the festivities and to make your company more appealing to the people that are viewing it.  Using different social media platforms is beneficial as different platforms attract a different audience. Using these strategies can be effective for your holiday social media and marketing campaign.   


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