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Who Should Use Facebook Advertising?

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 20, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Imagine if you could connect with as many potential customers as radio or television while targeting your exact audience? Facebook allows you to do this at a fraction of the price of other media platforms.

Users go on Facebook to connect with their friends, work, and interests; but using Facebook advertising can allow them to connect to your product as well. Facebook allows you to use better targeting to help you reach your ideal clientele as well as promote your brand and help you connect with customers. 

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Targeting

Facebook is able to target your message to a specific group of people in multiple ways. One way is through the various targeting options available. Facebook consists of profiles containing people’s age, gender, location, education, interests, jobs, life events, likes, apps, groups, travel, email lists, relationships, mobile devices, purchase behaviour and any other information included in their Facebook profile, so it is much easier to aim your advertisement towards a carefully selected group of people. 

In addition to targeting through people’s profiles, you can also target people through a custom audience. You can target people who view similar websites as yours as well as people who have liked related pages. You can even target a group of people who have a specific companies’ mobile application.  By using this targeting technique, you can reach a wider, yet more focused, group of people.


Price Management

Many times paying for television ads and radio ads can be very pricey. You pay for all viewers or listeners of a specific station to be exposed to your message. One of the highlights of advertising on Facebook is the ability to choose a less, more targeted group of people to get exposure to your advertisement. By doing this, you gain a great ROI, reaching people who are interested in or looking for what you have to offer. The minimum spends on Facebook advertising are considerably less than other advertising mediums and so are worth considering as one option.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Who Should Use Facebook Marketing?

Depending on your business, you may think that Facebook advertising is or is not appropriate for you. In general, Facebook advertising can be effective for all business models. Whether you are a business dealing with other businesses or a business dealing directly with consumers, you can implement Facebook advertising to market your company.

Choosing the size and type of audience your ad reaches, means you can adjust targeting options to appropriately match your business. Local businesses can use the location filter along with other desired targeting mechanisms to reach people with specific interests in their local area. On the other hand, large companies trying to appeal to a certain age group can do so quite easily. Facebook advertising really lets you control who views your advertising content and so it is appropriate for almost any business.


Tips For Your Facebook Advertising:

When trying to set up your own Facebook advertisement, remember to ask yourself what the purpose of your ad is. Do you want to create traffic? Perhaps you want to generate a conversation or start a discussion. Maybe your main goal is to get a lot of views and shares.  By deciding what your ideal outcome is, you should specifically tailor your advertisement to appeal to that goal and target the ideal group to make your goal a reality.

Remember, more visual ads get more responses than advertisements simply consisting of words. In addition, people can see what their friends’ activities are and are strongly influenced by such. The connection of your ad to a specific group of targeted people can branch out much further than you originally intended with the right response. 

Using Facebook advertising in your marketing plan can be a good way to get the most bang for your buck!  You are able to control how much and to whom your Facebook advertisement is reaching. This marketing strategy can be effective no matter what your business type is.  Facebook advertising is a smarter, more direct, and cheaper way to advertise your product through a social media platform.

If you want to utilise more advanced Facebook advertising strategies, would like help with your campaigns, or have a significant budget that you need to ensure you are getting the most from - we can help. Contact us for more information.

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