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Tweet Your Way Towards Advertising Success

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 17, 2015 3:00:00 AM

A little (blue) bird told me that marketing on Twitter can be a very strong tool for just any business. The social networking service was created in 2006 and now has more than 500 million users on the site. The seemingly never-ending feed of 140-character messages is tailored perfectly to the short-attention spans of people today.

Twitter has had a commercial presence in Australia since mid-2013. Twitter advertising was initially solely aimed towards large business; however, they have recently made the market more accessible to smaller organizations.

Every business should indubitably have a Twitter; however, each must then decide if they should invest in Twitter advertising.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising Explained

Twitter has three primary ad options: promoted trends, promoted account, and promoted tweets.

1) Promoted trends will place the advertisement amongst popular viral conversations.

2) Promoted account is a means in which to expand your twitter following. The system will highlight your account in relevant search results and also recommend your twitter to users who follow similar businesses.

3) Promoted tweets will transform your normal tweets into an advertisement.


Benefits of Twitter Advertising

Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s vice president of global online sales, stated, “There are millions of small businesses on the Twitter platform using it organically for free. The real opportunity is to use our ad platform to take it a step further and amplify that presence and make it more powerful.”

In actuality, a tweet is one of the best ad mediums a marketer could ask for:

1) The in-stream ads demand the user to read the advertisement.

2) The process engages the user and creates an interactive experience in which followers can retweet, reply, or favourite your tweets.

3) Most importantly, twitter advertising has an intricate targeting system that integrates a multitude of user demographic information.

Be sure to utilize Twitter’s impressive analytic tools to keep track of your success!

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