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Spotify Advertising: Choosing your Platform

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 13, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Spotify allows users to stream music, podcasts, and videos on their mobile device, desktop, or phone.

Users can not only search specifically for their favourite songs, but they can choose specific playlists to match their mood and preferred genre. With these wide range of options, there are multiple formats in which you are able to have your advertisements featured.

Using content targeting, Spotify can target listeners with particular habits, attitudes, and styles that align with your desired target audience.

The average user listens to 148 minutes of music throughout all 24 hours of the day, making advertising on Spotify an appealing marketing tool.

There are a multitude of ways to begin your advertising experience through Spotify. Depending on which device you wish to be featured on and what type of medium you would like to use for your advertisement, one of the following Spotify advertising platforms should suit you and your marketing vision.

Types of Spotify Advertising

Sponsored Session

A sponsored session is one of Spotify’s new formats.  This platform allows you to sponsor a thirty minute, ad-free session in exchange for the user viewing your 15 second video ad. When your ad concludes, an end card with a clickthrough URL makes further engagement available. This is only currently available through mobile devices. When a viewer has completed the full ad, you are charged.

Spotify Advertising Sponsored Session


Video Takeover

This method is also one of Spotify’s new formats. Your 15 second video ad can be displayed across the entire Spotify page along with a display ad with a clickthrough URL in the cover art. This video ad plays in between music sessions and is currently only available on desktops. The video will not play if Spotify is minimized and only completed views are billed.

Spotify Video Advertising



An audio advertisement plays between songs and music sessions on a user's desktop, mobile device, and tablet. You can choose between a 15 and 30 second audio option. In addition to your audio commercial, an ad image in the cover art section appears as well as a clickable campaign name to further guide your audience. Every 15 minutes, a 30 second ad is played.

audio lg


A display includes a clickable image across the bottom of the users’ desktop or web platform for 30 seconds. Your ad image will not display if Spotify is minimized and no other ad is displayed at the same time as yours. This allows listeners to continue to listen to their music while viewing your ad. 

Spotify Display Advertising


A billboard is a large screensaver projected on the users’ desktop when they are inactive for more than five minutes.  Upon returning, the screensaver will remain for two seconds and then resize to a Leaderboard ad at the bottom of the screen for 30 seconds.  Users are able to reopen and close the expanded format. 

billboard lg

Homepage Takeover

A homepage takeover allows you to be able to take over the Spotify homepage with 100% Share of Voice. With a background image and interactive area, the two images are designed to fit together.  The interactive area is the main messaging area and is laid on top of the transparent skin of the background layer.  Both the interactive and the background image are clickable to navigate you to a URL. This platform is only available for desktop users. 

homepage takeover lg

Branded Playlist

In a branded playlist, you are able generate a minimum of 40 different tracks (one track per artist) in a personalized playlist.  The cover art image is a branded ad and you are able to include a clickable link in your playlist description as well as custom text containing 200 characters. This option is only available through the users’ desktop. 

branded playlist lg

Advertiser Page

This option allows you to have an interactive microsite within Spotify. It can include videos, clickable images, blogs, links, and comments. This option blocks all other ads except audio ads. Users click on any other type of ad to open the advertiser page. This is available only on a user’s desktop.

advertiser page lg

Now that you have been presented with the eight options for advertising on Spotify, choosing the method that suits your advertising vision most effectively should be a little easier.

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