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Instagram Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 9, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Instagram is more than just a collection of bad selfies. In fact, the social media platform has turned into a global phenomenon. Facebook acquired the mobile app in 2013 for $1 billion, and it has since grown to a membership of over 300 million. The majority of the users are between the ages of 18 and 34; however, social media has a tendency to slowly spread to the older generations, and the app’s popularity is only expected to continue skyrocketing.  

If your business is not yet marketing on Instagram, let me welcome you to the concept. Whether you are just now creating your business’s profile or simply looking to improve your Instagram marketing skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram marketing

1) Promote Your Instagram

The point of your Instagram is to publicize your company, and so it is essential to promote your profile as much as possible. Your aim should always be to enlarge your following and get more likes on your posts.

  • Pick a Smart Username. Your username should mirror your company title as much as possible. This may seem obvious, but keep in mind that there are millions of Instagram profiles and your company name may already be taken.

  • Connect Your Instagram With Your Facebook and Twitter. This will make sharing photos across all social platforms much easier.

  • Share Your Information. Business cards, posters, fliers, basically anything and everything with your company’s information on it should have your Instagram contact included.

  • Geotag your Posts. Geotag is an option in which you are able to connect a post to a physical location. This is a fantastic way to help promote a particular business location.


2) Build and maintain costumer relationships

The true purpose of social media is simple… to be social. Instagram is an arena in which you can humanize your business and truly engage your costumer, so take on some of these tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform.

  • Hashtagging. Hashtagging is essential for numerous reasons. It allows you to engage your followers by encouraging them to use your hashtags. A popular hashtag helps to promote your page across multiple profiles. Additionally, hashtags provide a means to create a smaller community within a larger one of millions-- thus allowing your followers to interact with one another. There are three types of hashtags which you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Brand specific: Brand specific hashtags pertain solely to your business. These hashtags are necessary in creating that smaller community and distinguish you from your competition.

  • Trending: Keep track and take advantage of trending hashtags on Instagram for a chance to end up on Instagram’s “popular” page.

  • General: General hashtags (locations, broad interests, product type) are a great way to try to attract new followers.

  • Host contests and giveaways. A great way to excite your followers is to host photo contests, hashtag competitions, and comment giveaways. You can offer the opportunity to have the winner of said contest be featured on your Instagram page or you can give away prizes. These events help hold your followers’ interests while also attracting new members.

  • Encourage comments and questions. In your caption invite your followers to leave comments and questions.

  • Show appreciation for your follower. Like their photos and reply to their comments. Your followers have expressed a genuine interest in your page and will continue to do so if you engage with them. 


3) Tell a Story

The most important aspect of your Instagram posts is the content. Your posts should obviously be directly related to the operations of your company. However, there must be a delicate balance between explicit marketing and genuinely relating and engaging with your followers.

  • Showcase products in a creative way. An Instagram needs a personality. Nobody wants to follow an Instagram that resembles a department store catalogue. However, even companies with the most mundane of products can have incredible Instagram accounts.

  • Present a lifestyle. Marketers have long taken advantage of the human desire for a higher standard of living. Showcase your product in a setting that triggers your consumers’ innate wants.

  • Utilize your Instagram community. Don’t underestimate how creative and enthusiastic your fans are. Keep an eye on your brand’s hashtags and tagged photos—there may be a photo worth reposting!

  • Humanize company. Give a behind-the-scenes look at your business by posting pictures of your employees, company get-togethers, your office space, etc.

  • Publicize events. You can build up excitement for upcoming events and product launches through carefully planned posts.

  • Tell your brand story. Instagram is the perfect opportunity to tell your company’s story, promote your mission statement, and present an undistorted view of your business.

  • Keep it short and sweet. Social media is designed to service short attention spans and so it is important to keep your posts to the point. Nobody has time to read a caption that resembles a novel…


4) Prioritize aesthetics

Instagram is an image-based platform, and so your content must be visually pleasing and engaging to your audience.

  • Take appealing photos and videos. Make sure you maintain professionalism and take high-quality photographs and videos.  

  • Know your filter and frame options. In addition to Instagram filters, there are several photo editing apps, which are worth downloading. These apps give you a myriad of options to make your posts unique and attractive.

5) Maintain your Instagram

  • Keep posting. The entire point of your business’s Instagram is to engage your consumer. If you never post then you’re failing before you even begin.

  • Don’t post too much. This may seem trivial but this is perhaps the most sensitive rule to abide by. No Instagram user wants their feed cluttered by one profile. It can be infuriating and even entice the person to unfollow you in order to tidy up the feed.

6) Treat Your Instagram Like a Business

You should track your Instagram progress in the same manner in which you keep track of company sales.

  • Utilize Analytic Tools. There are numerous analytic programs which can be used to monitor your Instagram’s success. These programs will inform you of when your posts are getting likes and comments, which hashtags are being used, and numerous other statistics that are necessary for a successful marketing campaign.

  • Keep on top of trends. Instagram is a mercurial site and there are new, innovative “instatrends” every week. Stay ahead of the curve by maintaining a strong grasp on the Instagram world.

  • Invest in your social media game. Social media is an integral aspect of marketing, and it may be worth your time and money to invest in a social media manager.

Any more questions about how to manage your Instagram marketing? Contact us today and we would be glad to provide you with some information.
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