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Improving Your Hashtag Marketing Strategy

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 6, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Using a hashtag marketing strategy in your company can help expand your content reach, intensify your brand, target your market, get your merchandise found, improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and more! The main types of hashtags highlighted here are brand and campaign specific, trending, and content hashtags. The right combination of these different hashtags can be used effectively to improve your hashtag marketing strategy. 

Hashtag Marketing

Brand And Campaign Specific Hashtag Marketing

Brand Hashtags

These hashtags are made specific to your business, intended to market your brand. Once you find an appropriate unique hashtag for your market, you should try to campaign this hashtag on all social sites to better engage with current and potential customers.

Campaign Hashtags

You can create a hashtag to promote an event happening within your company. For example, having a photo contest in which the winner of the best uploaded photo using your specific hashtag receives a prize would be an effective hashtag marketing strategy. By doing this, you are networking your company and hashtag to everyone who sees these posts as well as displaying mindfulness and commitment within your marketing efforts.


Tips For Brand And Campaign Specific Hashtags:

  • Choose something that uniquely represents your business and is not overused.

  • It should be relatively short, easy to spell, and simple to remember.  

  • Check social sites before deciding on a hashtag to see its popularity.


Trending Hashtag Marketing Strategy

Trending Hashtags

Many times, a certain hashtag will start to trend. By using trending hashtags that relate to your business, you are able to get your message or campaign to a wider audience by using it.  

Niche Trending

Try to find hashtags within a certain niche.  When you specify to a certain group of people with certain interests, you can better connect with current customers in addition to potential ones. For example, a restaurant could use the hashtag “#FoodFriday” to market their food in their store while people using that hashtag discover that business.


Tips for trending hashtags:

  • Check Twitter, Google+, Hashtags.org, Statigram, and Trendsmap for current trending hashtags.

  • Use niche trending hashtags to connect with your target audience.

  • Remember that trending hashtags change within minutes.

  • Do not over use hashtags due to risk of seeming uncreditable and being reported for spam.  


Content Hashtag Marketing Strategies  

Product Hashtags

When you post pictures of your products, reach out for more common product hashtags in addition to your brand hashtag. A coffee shop could use “#cappuccino” or “#caffeinefix” to be easily searched and found. 

Lifestyle Hashtags

Think about hashtags that surround the lifestyle of your product by thinking about your target audience’s routines and demographics.  Using lifestyle hashtags can also help reach more of your target audience as well as connect with your current customers.

Event Hashtags

When an event comes up that is related to your product you should post hashtags that can be seen by your followers as well as people searching for content related to that event. Events can range from happenings within the community to events on a global level.

Location Hashtags

When an event comes up in your area, it is a good idea to use location hashtags to get your business recognized locally and unite with people using the same location hashtag. As a local shop owner, you can use the hashtag of your town to interact with other people looking up that specific geo-location.


Tips for content hashtags

  • Think about what kinds of hashtags your customers, competitors, and suppliers use.

  • Do not spam your posts with unrelated hashtags.

  • Think about your target audience’s demographics and lifestyle.

Remember that hashtags can be used to help build up your own personal brand, connect with a wide range of audience members though trending hashtags, and expand your potential customers through common and local hashtags. Using hashtags can be a successful way to get more exposure for your product when used correctly and is extremely effective for improving your hashtag marketing strategy.  

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