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Facebook Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 2, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Do you have Facebook? Of course you do. Just about everyone with access to the internet has a Facebook profile, it’s bizarre to meet someone who is not on the social platform.

Not only that, but businesses have found a way to get on it as well, since Facebook offers the opportunity to market products for your company efficiently and for a relatively low cost.Facebook Marketing Tips

Marketers that have been successful with their pages or profiles have found a way to get the user involved and invested into the company on a new platform using some of the below Facebook marketing tips.

Facebook recognizes the top brands that have done the best unpaid advertising on their website, and released the top 20 companies that have won the annual "Facebook Studio Awards".

Number One was Oreo who won the Facebook award when they made 100 posts for 100 days to celebrate its 100 year anniversary. They gained a million new likes during that time span. Other notables include: the show Dallas, Allstate, Nike, AT&T, Ford Mustang, Air Asia, Lay’s, Grey Poupon, Ted (The Movie), Intel & Toshiba, Skittles, and a small village named Graubunden in Switzerland.

What made these pages so successful?

Besides the obvious “like”ability the companies already had, they also found a way to incorporate life events around the world into their content so that people could relate.


Make Posts That Create Emotion

Oreo had posts that celebrated gay pride and Allstate created a page that chronicled “mayhem” throughout history that involved a comedic twist to all of their posts. Consumers go to Facebook to be entertained, albeit for the 10 seconds that can capture their attention before they move on. If you can create something that will inspire, erupt laughter, or feign new emotions you have hit the jackpot to promote your product and brand name.


Make Your Fans Feel Elite

Other insights you put on your page that will make someone feel like they have the inside scoop or new information on their favourite athletes will promote you as well, as seen by Nike UK page called the Nike Academy, a social media football club that gives access to the players journey from amateur to professional. Potential customers want to feel a connection with a company that they are going to spend their hard earned money on, and to understand the values that the company holds and is aiming for and relates to themselves.


Keep Your Fans Connected And Engaged

AT&T had Will Arnett play a lawyer who argued why kids should get a smartphone. Kids were able to find this video and show it to their parents, who may have been convinced to go out and buy their kids that product. Team Detroit allowed Facebook users to customize their own Mustangs and battle against friends by providing a link and gaming application to further promote Mustangs.


Offer An Incentive

Other pages provided other options to enter sweepstakes or competitions to win a free flight, products, or in Lay’s case create a new chip flavour and win 1 million dollars. The internet is a fast paced domain so keeping your content fresh and exciting is crucial to staying top of mind.


Keep Posts Unique And Interesting

Don’t just post a plain picture of your product, include inspirational pictures of everyday people in your products. Your posts also don’t have to be about your new and upcoming products either, try some throwback images of previous products or promotions your company has had. Provide links to other applications and games, or short video clips that attract attention and are funny or inspiring to grab attention.


Facebook Marketing Strategy:

  • For your page, assign admin roles, and get more people involved in the creation of your page's content.

  • Whatever you post, examine viewer response, likes, and comments.

  • You can use Facebook to promote your product or brand as a page, person, ad, or application depending on your personal or business preference.

  • Create the option for consumers to be able to post or share what you have posted to other social media applications. Don’t let Facebook be your only limitation, many users are not just using Facebook anymore, but can use it as inspiration to post on other social media platforms.

  • Put it into perspective what your demographic is commonly using when browsing the web. Facebook is a powerful application, and many people check it and keep up with friends, but other applications are also gaining rise and reputation.

  • Include hashtags in your posts!

  • When your company replies to comments - provide your fans with tips and links to solve their problems fast, you will develop a good reputation and consumer loyalty.

  • Tabs are a great way for pages to post about upcoming events, and sweepstakes which will again grab interest from the reader.

Using these Facebook marketing tips can help accentuate your business as well as help Facebook users experience enjoyment through your marketing techniques.


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