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Search Engine Marketing in Sydney

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Oct 23, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Being a business in a city such as Sydney, you may ask yourself “how do I set myself apart from other businesses?” or “how do I ensure potential customers will choose my business over other competitors?” In Sydney, businesses are faced with the challenges of competition and high populations. These aspects can be used to your advantage if you use search engine marketing techniques effectively. Often, potential customers will use Google, or other search engines, to search for specific products to find within a certaing location. As a business in the populated area, using search engine marketing strategies, such as adwords, should be taken advantage of to create more traffic to your business and develop the possibility of potential customers.

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Using High Competition To Your Benefit

Using search engine maketing in Sydney is a good move to make with higher levels of competition than what would be found in less urban areas. However, with more competition and also more potential customers, this form of advertising can be very beneifical if done correctly. The key to attract them to you is simple: make sure your business is more easily found than others in the area.  A simple way to do this is to utilize adwords. Instead of having your company’s website and information listed among all your competition, you can be set aside with a sponsored link to try to create more traffic, leading to more business. With a high population, it is more efficient to be able to target your audience within a certain radius in order to narrow your advertisement to reach potential customers within a specific area.


Search Engine Marketing Targeting  

Being in Sydney with large competition, a simple organic search will have a great deal of competition for results to be on the top of the page on the search engine site.  Adwords is a paid advertising strategy through Google in which your specific business appears as a sponsored result in addition to your site being listen among the other organic results.  Only when a search user clicks on your link are you charged. Adwords are especially useful in cities such as Sydney, as businesses can use this location as a targeting tool. Upon searching for something, Google uses location to narrow results to businesses closest to the user. An advertisement is much more effective if it is reaching people in the respected area in which it is located.


To sum up, adwords can be extremely beneficial to companies in a populated area such as Sydney. With its ability to geographically target potential customers, it is useful for areas in which there are high populations. Adwords also help set you aside from other competitors, making it more likely that a search engine user will choose your business. Being in a highly competitive and populated area can make marketing more difficult. Adwords is a promising search engine marketing strategy to take advantage of to help your business grow. 

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