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The Key Reasons To Use Google Adwords

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Sep 14, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Google’s Adwords is a great tool for advertising on the web. If you aren’t using it to promote your business you are simply missing out while your competitors that are using it, are stealing your potential customers.

The reasons you should use Google Adwords are countless, if it is not already in your advertising repertoire here are some reasons to convince you to make the move.

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The Targeted Audience

One of the most important reasons to use Google Adwords is the potential audience you could reach. When using Adwords you choose the words or phrases that people may be searching for, this allows you to customise the words to suit your product. Generally when people are searching for a product they know what they want, with the right relevant keywords you could reach this audience. Adwords is great for targeting your audience wherever they may be; such targeting techniques include by location, mobile, language, and time. Targeting your market by location is great to reach your audience if you have shops in specific locations. Your ads will not only show in locations you set, as well as when people are searching for that location your ad will also be shown. Mobile targeting allows advertisers to reach people on their mobile devices, this is crucial as now more than ever people are spending a great deal of time on their mobile devices. Using time as a targeting method is quite useful if you know when your audience will be online, if your ads aren’t optimised for these key hours of the day your potential traffic will be limited. By using Adwords you’ll have access to the Display Network; Google’s cluster of over a million websites, mobile phone apps, and videos that your ad could be shown on.


It’s Measurability

One issue with many advertising methods is its accountability, how exactly do you know who is being reached by an advertisement and how do you know if a customer has purchased something due to one of your advertisements. This is where Adwords stands out from the competition, almost every aspect of your ad is trackable. You will be able to find who clicked on your link, how many clicks your ad received and so forth. When combining your Adwords with Google Analytics the ability to track and measure your campaign is exponential, activities such as bounce rate, click-through rate, and conversions can all be accounted for. Being able to track and monitor progress throughout a campaign is crucial to its success.


The Costing and Budget

Google Adwords uses three methods you could use to pay for your ads. These include cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM), and cost-per-acquisition (CPA). By recognising what your objective of advertising is you could select whichever method would best suit, whether that be increasing awareness of your brand or driving traffic to your website. Whatever your budget may be there is always a place for Adwords in it, as there is no minimum spend required. If you’re thinking there is no point as the big brands will simply outbid you, this is not the case. Adwords sorts your ads by relevance to the keywords being searched, not how much you are willing to spend; although more frequently searched terms come at a higher bid. Another handy feature is the daily cap, this can be set to stop your pay-per-click ads exceeding your desired budget.


The Campaign

By using Google’s Adwords your campaign is truly your campaign, every aspect from the ad to the keywords chosen is up to you. By monitoring the performance of your ads you can see if they are performing well or poorly, and from this you can then optimise the ad at your discrepancy. You also choose what is said in your ad and what you are willing to spend with no restrictions. 


The Keywords

To make the whole process easier for you, Google provides a keyword planner tool. The tool provides the best keywords relevant for your business, making your keyword choices that little bit easier. If you could tailor these keywords to be relevant to specific searches you’ll gain more traffic from suitable visitors. 

Want some more information on usign Google Adwords? Download our Introductory Guide to Google Adwords today!

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