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Search Engine Marketing Services That You Should Be Using

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Sep 11, 2015 3:00:00 PM

There are a multitude of search engine marketing services that can help a business achieve its online advertising goals. Which to use ultimately depends on what you hope to achieve. Today, we will provide an insight into what different services you may consider using and when.

To understand why different SEM services exist, it is first important to understand why they are needed. Website optimisation, keyword inclusions, content creation, paid search, website coding and mobile optimisation are also all play a role in SEM, and ultimately the effectiveness in appearing in both organic and paid search results.

Services that are available to those wishing to improve their search engine marketing may include the following.

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Website Optimisation

Ensuring your website is optimised is essential to how your site will rank. Google along with other search engines, take into consideration thousands of different factors in the algorithm that determines search rankings, but how your website is developed and coded is incredibly important. Intricate elements such as meta tags and descriptions and alt tags on images are all factors that must be created, taking into consideration the most appropriate keywords that your audience is searching for.


Mobile Optimisation

With the amount of users searching for their answers on their mobile devices, it is vital that a site is able to be viewed and used easily on these platforms. A mobile site doesn’t just need to be responsive, it needs all elements to be user friendly. Again, this is one factor that impacts on Google’s algorithm for site rankings.


Paid Search

Paid search allows you to target your audience through various demographics, but more importantly keywords that are being searched for the products and services your business provides. This advertising can be both in the form of text or as images and video, meaning it can be more engaging for the audience than organic search results. As well as this, paid search is easy to set a budget for, easy to measure and easy to optimise.


Content Creation and Keyword Inclusion

The more useful and shareable content that you create, the more chance that others will link to this content, driving traffic to your website. Alongside this, the keywords and terms which you use in this content, will also impact on its ability to help a site rank and hence receive traffic. And, the more traffic that you receive to your site, the more favourable it is looked at by search engines, hence improving a websites rank.

Here at 360, we can provide all of these services to you, to ensure your search engine marketing efforts achieve all your business goals. If you would like to find out how we can help, please contact us today.

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