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Using Local Newspaper Advertising To Your Advantage

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Aug 29, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Advertising in your local newspaper can create great exposure for your products and services to an audience that is within a certain geographical location, benefiting your business’ following. While the larger metro newspapers have a higher reach, consider how local advertising could also be utilised to your advantage through lower costs, leveraging your products or services, being flexible and standing out from your competition.

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Lower Costs

Advertising in your major metro newspapers can run into the thousands of dollars for just one weekend spot. While this may be one option that you should consider for your marketing mix, try to also build a brand following from an audience closer to home. Whether you have a physical storefront or offer services at your customers’ locations, sometimes starting off with smaller print advertising can be more beneficial, while your available budgets grow. By putting more money in these advertising options first, you can build a loyal customer base, then branch out to your wider audience as your budget allows.


Take Advantage Of Your Product Or Service Offering

What are you offering your customers? Is it physical products they want to see before purchasing, or is it a dining experience at their local hotel chain? Either way, you can create hype around this offering by using local newspaper advertising, more so than through metro papers. Special promotions and offers can be advertised to your geographically targeted audience, drawing on community support which is often present, even if you are more than a small business.



We know that the circumstances of businesses change often and unexpectedly, which is another reason local newspaper advertising is a great choice for any business. Deadlines to provide material or make changes are usually easier to coordinate than with larger metro newspapers, which can bring you piece of mind as you attempt to handle all other marketing operations in your day, where changes will generally occur.


Beat Your Competition

The reach and reputation of metro newspapers cannot be compared with local print advertising; that we can’t deny. However, when advertising in metro papers, you will often be doing so directly with your competitors. While we think metro newspaper advertising is just as important, take advantage of using local newspaper advertising to be one of a much smaller number of businesses in that area. Again, this helps to build a customer loyal base within that geographical area, which can then be expanded throughout the larger metro areas if appropriate.


Remember, just because a business may not be considered small, does not mean that it must undertake big advertising in metro and national print. Starting small can often free up some of your budget for other advertising and marketing activities, while strengthening your brand in smaller geographic markets. Building brand loyalty and awareness is important for every business and so gaining this locally is crucial. Try a combination of newspaper advertising options, but don’t discount the advantages you gain by spending money locally.

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