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The Advantages of Using A Marketing Agency

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Aug 25, 2015 2:00:00 AM

If you have ever used or currently use a marketing agency for your business, you will know all about how they make your life easier. So, let’s run through what makes them so good, to help you decide if hiring an agency is right for you, or whether it is time to consider a change to a new one when they don’t meet your expectations.

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Everything Is In The One Place

A full service agency should be able to provide you with all your media, advertising and marketing needs from website building, to media planning and buying, to online paid search. This makes life for someone managing a business’ marketing a whole lot easier. It means that there is only one relationship that needs to be managed, usually with your account manager, who helps deliver results from the beginning to the end of a campaign.


They Are Specialised

A marketing agency is full of employees and professionals who have experience in all the areas of media, marketing and advertising that they offer. Often within an agency there will be media teams, digital teams and creative teams who can handle each aspect of a campaign that you want to run. They should know how one another’s efforts work together to create the end campaign, but will most certainly be specialists at their particular roles, which gives you confidence that they can do a great job overall on all aspects.


They Are Professional

Marketing is sometimes seen as a profession that anyone can do; everyone can use Facebook or put an ad in the paper, but unfortunately that is not always the case. An agency has established relationships with media partners and suppliers as well as following procedures and processes that are expected of them in the industry.


A Different Perspective

It is understandable that people who have a hand in managing the marketing efforts of a business, know what does and does not work. However, a marketing agency can often bring a different perspective to this mix and with it, some fresh ideas! A new set of eyes on a campaign or brand can often bring with it a whole new range of possibilities for advertising and marketing. Some of it may seem new, a little daunting or just downright obscure; but it’s sometimes these ideas that you will need to really kick off a great campaign.

So, there are a just a handful of the advantages of using a marketing or media agency for your advertising activities. You can operate with the peace of mind knowing that any issues or hurdles will be dealt with by professionals who know how to handle them, while achieving the results you want. Having a specialised extension to your team is a valuable asset, but it is also important to make sure they are the right match for you. If you are finding that your current agency isn’t understanding your needs, download our free eBook below and ask your agency the 10 simple questions provided to determine if they are working hard enough for you.   

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