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To Switch, Or Not To Switch Your Marketing Agency?

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Aug 22, 2015 2:00:00 AM

After continuous months of reviewing your budget, crunching numbers into your calculator and discovering no sales leads, you are shocked to come to the conclusion that your marketing agency is doing you more harm than good. Those early days of lower advertising rates and competitive pricing seem all but a dream as you realise the nightmare it has left behind. So the big question is when do we know it is time to switch agencies? Here are six signs to look out for.


1. Not Receiving Competitive Rates

The agency guaranteed you that their rates justified the services you would be receiving. They covered the costs of creating a marketing strategy, a media plan, and the costs of procuring media, but if you can get these same quality services for cheaper elsewhere, why pay the extra price? An agency should be able to provide you with competitive media buying rates too, so make sure you are getting them.


2. Not Getting The Attention You Deserve

If you have been piling money into an agency that is giving you no updates on its course of action, is not replying to your emails or requests then there is no point in continuing with this agency if they are not going to prioritise you. It is important to stay up to date with the results and progress of your campaigns and marketing or advertising activities, so make sure you are with an agency who provides this information willingly and without hassle.

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3. Not Results-Orientated

Ultimately, the reason why a marketing agency was hired in the first place was to generate sales which requires customers’ awareness and leads through campaigns and advertising to be reported on. If your agency is rattling on about online presence and press releases without any second thought on your goal and targets, then it’s a good time to consider make a switch.


4. Not Measuring Progress

Any progress towards your target should be tracked and recorded. If their reports provide no substance or relevant content towards the goal of your business, then they have achieved nothing. If you are focused and determined to reach your goals, your marketing agency should be doing the same.


5. Not Following Their Own Advice

    Does the agency have a good website? Does it have an active and engaging social presence? If the agency doesn’t act on what it preaches, how can they manage your marketing activities properly when they can’t seem to manage their own?


    6. Not Having A Clear Process

    If you find every campaign you run with your agency to be disjointed, unorganised and difficult to get off the ground, you may need to look for an agency who follows the same kinf of processes you do. Similarly, if you aren’t given a report of the proportion of your marketing budget spent on various aspects of advertising and media purchases then where has your money gone? Agencies should always give you a rundown of all costs incurred, the reasons behind the decision and ultimately how it contributes to your goal. Transparency is crucial in building a trusting relationship that benefits both parties.


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