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The Media Agency: How Are They Different?

Posted by Jodie Dimmock on Aug 15, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Every business battles with the question on whether they can manage their company’s whole marketing and communication strategy by themselves or should they outsource this task to someone else? There can be a number of issues that can trigger a business to look at outsourcing this function including low sales, a lack creativity in advertisements or you don't have a marketing strategy. But now you need help on finding the right agency for your company. Today, you can find many firms that help with marketing and communications; some with a specific purpose and others which are more full servicing. There are 3 different types of agencies that are typically helpful to companies looking to outsource their communication strategy, which we will cover today.

1. Media agencies
2. Advertising agencies
3. Marketing agencies

Once you have decide to find an agency you are presented with two more important questions:

1. What type of service am I looking for?
2. What role do I expected this agency to play?

Let's take a closer look at what each do and answer these questions.

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Media Agencies

A media agency is in charge of the strategic recommendations of media activity for your campaigns. Traditionally, they were in charge of finding and buying media space for advertising agencies. Now, many of them offer planning services, where they deliver a media plan to make sure they are maximising advertising exposure and impact. Their general role is vital to the growth of effective communications. They specialise in finding the right placement at the right time for the right price. They can assist with securing better prices because they buy a lot of ad space so they are able to negotiate better prices. You might want to hire a media agency if you are unsure where your brand should be advertising and are looking for better advertising rates than you are currently receiving.


Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency is generally responsible for a single part of the marketing mix. Their speciality involves getting the word out about your brand through creative ads. However, some advertising agencies offer media planning and media buying services. Their role involves the complete production of a creative campaign from start to finish. Depending on what medium you decide to use (e.g.  newspapers, magazines, TV, billboards), an advertising agency will focus on the  development  and execution of that ad. You might want to hire an advertising agency if you brand needs help with creatively communicating to your target audience.


Marketing Agencies

A marketing agency is a company that specializes in creating a market strategy to reach your audience. Marketing agencies can provide services like market research, strategic planning, and branding, and sales management. The role of a marketing agency is to create strategies and methods that will better impact the growth of the company. Typically a marketing agency will also offer services like troubleshooting, training and even mentoring to help businesses that may be struggling with any part of the marketing mix. You may want to hire a marketing agency, if you are having trouble managing all the components involved with an effective and successful market strategy.

Depending on your specific company need, each agency has its benefits. Many small companies believe that is it too expensive to outsource an agency when they need help, but this can be untrue. Hiring a media, marketing or advertising agency can be of benefit to:

  • Save you money in the long run. They are able to negotiate better prices and have better resources because they have connections with networks, other companies and individuals.

  • Save your company time. When hiring an outside company you are able to spend more time on the other day to day operations of your company.

  • Produce great results that is definitely worth the investment.

At 360 Degree Marketing, we are a full service media and marketing agency, so are able t help with all aspects of your marketing discussed above. If you want to find out how an agency can possibly be of benefit to you, please call us on +612 8302 4200 or contract us here.

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